As businesses move ever closer to cloud-based communication, employees are discovering the advantages of the emerging technology. Hybrid phones are now being integrated into a broad spectrum of applications and workflow systems, as they help the entire staff operate more efficiently with clearer communication than ever before. Nearly 60% of companies nationwide are utilizing some form of cloud-based, multi-faceted phone network. It’s no longer future technology. It’s happening before our eyes.


With advanced hybrid phone systems come advanced issues. The challenge is no longer embracing cloud-based applications. Instead, personnel are perplexed as to how to implement and use it throughout the workday. This is where we come in. Central Telephone provides complete hybrid-based phone installation, maintenance, and education for small and large businesses looking to take their communication to the next level. If your company hasn’t made the leap into a hybrid system, here’s four reason you should:


1. Localized Access and Control

IT managers insist on being able to monitor and control every aspect of communication tech inside the walls of a business. Our hybrid cloud phone system gives them internal supervision over the entire network with easy access at every level. The systems provide flexibility, so IT staff can tailor all equipment to suit the company’s technical and financial requirements. They can also implement an add-as-you-go model for future growth.


2. Balanced Communication Transfer

Phone systems cost money. The larger the company, the higher the price tag. Thus, when a transition occurs in communications, throwing out the old gear for the new is a hard pill to swallow. With a hybrid approach, we can help businesses slowly phase in the new cloud-based hybrid models and weed out the old equipment. It allows a company to pace itself as it moves forward into the future.


3. Increased Productivity

There’s nothing better than giving your workforce tools that allow them to do their jobs more efficiently with better results. By deploying a combination of hardware and cloud services through a streamlined communication system, organizations can give their employees time-saving solutions that allow them to spend more time meeting their daily objectives.


4. Less Internal Maintenance

Why should your IT spend all their time with phone system repair, when they could be helping your business grow? Central Telephone provides full customer support and maintenance of all cloud hybrid phones systems. Cloud technology requires less phone repair and installation issues.


Modern Phone Systems, Fast Reliable Service

For nearly 40 years, Central Telephone has been helping businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota with cutting-edge telecommunication technology. We want to help you find more accessible, practical ways to communicate both internally and with the outside world. For a consultation call us at 763.550.2000