Versatile, Intuitive Hospital Phone Systems

Hospital Industry

Hospitals can be seen as the backbone of America’s healthcare system. Emergency rooms, intensive care units, and maternity wards all play crucial roles in maintaining the health and well-being of our society. That being said, all the talent of the best doctors and nurses around is nothing without an effective hospital phone system that allows these healthcare professionals and their clientele to communicate. After all, how can patients receive the best care—or any care at all—if the hospital cannot effectively direct its calls?

At Central Telephone, we understand the importance a hospital phone system plays in patient management and administrative tasks. In a situation where lives are on the line, you cannot afford to waste precious seconds pressing unnecessary buttons or waiting on a slow phone system to kick into gear. You also cannot afford to drop a ton of money on communications when you have ailing patients to care for. In short: you need a fast, easy-to-use, and affordable hospital phone system.

This is where Central Telephone excels. With state-of-the-art hospital phone systems like those provide, your staff can spend less time messing with the phone and more time where it matters: taking care of those who need it most. Plus, with our talented installation personnel on the case, getting your new system up and running is fast and easy.

Why Choose Us to Install a New Hospital Phone System?

As stated above, we at Central Telephone understand the unique needs of healthcare professionals when it comes to hospital phone systems. We believe these personnel play an integral role in society, and we always bring our A-game when working with our clients who seek out hospital phone systems.

  • We’re more than just an installation company | Are you relocating? We can help. Do you need to upgrade your phone system? We can help. Do you need a hospital phone system repair? You guessed it: we can help. We’ve spent long hours getting to know hospital phone systems inside and out. No matter what your hospital finds its phone system in need of, give Central Telephone a call, and we’ll see what we can do.
  • In a time crunch? We offer remote maintenance for some of our models | You’re busy. We get it. Working in healthcare is no easy feat, but at least you’ll have your hospital phone system taken care of when you work with Central Telephone of Plymouth, Minnesota. We can maintain certain models we sell remotely, which squashes many phone-related problems before they snowball into something huge. Software updates and data backup can also be performed from a distance. It’s worry-free phone maintenance, and when you work in healthcare, you have enough to worry about already.
  • Work with technicians who are ready and willing to listen | We know phones. You know healthcare. Together, we can devise an individualized service plan that is the perfect fit for your hospital’s unique operational circumstances. Whether you need an upgrade or an entirely new hospital phone system, you can trust us to communicate and take the time to understand your needs.

Do you need hospital phone system repair? How about an upgrade? Maintenance? A whole new system? Central Telephone of Plymouth is here to help with any of it and all of it. Give us a call now at 763-550-2000.