Healthcare Phone Systems

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a demanding industry, regardless of the specific field one works in. You spend long hours standing on your feet, tending to the needs of others—it’s quite a difficult job. Your employees don’t have time to spend dealing with cumbersome, unreliable phone systems. Invest in a new healthcare phone system from Central Telephone of Plymouth, Minnesota today.

  • Intelligent interfaces make patient care easy | Let your workers spend their time where it matters: with their patients. In particular, our VoIP healthcare phone systems are easy-to-use without compromising on versatility and the number of features provided.
  • We make maintenance simple | With some of our models, we offer remote maintenance, which stops your healthcare phone system’s problems before they even have a chance to begin.
  • Need repairs? Relocation? We’re on it | Central Telephone isn’t just a healthcare phone system vendor—we’re a relocation service, a provider of scaling solutions, and a repair service all in one.

No matter what your healthcare phone system is in need of, we’re here to provide. Give us a call now at 763-550-2000.