Internet and Dial Tone

Internet, Dial Tone and Telephone Number Options

Internet Dial Tone Feature

Our Partnerships with numerous Carriers Nationwide allows us to provide options for our customers. Most don’t realize that they have options available besides their local Carriers. These options can provide better services with much better prices, and with much better Customer Support.

Internet, including Internet via Fiber Optics, CATV or Copper is available through numerous Carriers we work with. This can be extremely beneficial to those that need reliable internet for Voice, Video and Data.

Dial Tone, including Telephone Numbers every business requires, is available via Standard Telephone Service, SIP Service, and/or PRI Service. New numbers are available, and in almost every situation we can port your telephone numbers to a new Carrier and/or Service.

Although we don’t provide these services direct to the Customer, we help navigate the very confusing and time consuming process so our customer gets the best services for the best price with the least amount of effort required. Let our consultants do the “leg work” and be your “navigators” to see what options are available for you today!