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Phone System Upgrades

Business Phone System

Phone System Upgrades

Business is a dynamic, multi-faceted enterprise. One must manage employees, clients, general operations, projects and infrastructure. Each presents its own set of challenges, but our focus is on the telecommunications aspect of this venture. In today’s business world, staying connected is likely the paramount catalyst for success. Our neighborhood convenient stores with a rotary phone have been eclipsed by companies with world-wide reach, clients that must be managed in CRM-type databases and interactions involving data and video, not just voice calls.

Just as your business itself changes, grows and evolves over time, so do the communication attributes and requirements. Central Telephone Sales and Service specializes in business phone system additions and installations. When it’s time for a business phone system upgrade, we provide the complete solution.

Our Advantage

No two businesses are alike, so we create custom systems for your specific needs. Maybe you've added office space and would like expand your current system. Or perhaps you'd like to add some features to your telecommunications system. In either case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the advantages that set us apart:

  • We stock an extensive selection of communications hardware and parts.
  • We have access to acquire whatever we may not have in stock, usually within 24 hours.
  • We work with many industry-leading suppliers, ensuring availability of whatever you may need.
  • Highly trained technicians that can deploy, repair or replace necessary hardware.
  • Remote system maintenance for real-time system diagnostics and problem resolution.
  • Qualified staff that can design and implement upgrades to infrastructure and hardware as needed.
  • Ability to offer logistical support for all provided solutions.

Types of Upgrades

While some businesses may not need more than an average phone with voicemail and call waiting, many companies we service and support, rely on more advanced telecommunication equipment. This may include multiple lines, conference calling, automated attendant, independent voicemail selection, VoIP, CRM integration with office software and call routing to name a few. When changes need to happen, expertise is required to make the upgrades seamless and to ensure they address the exact reasons that necessitated them.

  • Migrate from premise-based phone systems to premise based VoIP.
  • Expand current phone systems, regardless of type, to provide more robust functionality.
  • Scale existing phone infrastructure and hardware to accommodate business expansion.
  • Replace legacy equipment with state-of-the-art communication gear.
  • Integrate phone networks with supported computing platforms.
  • Provide remote connections to primary business phone systems.

Give us a call today to find out how Central Telephone Sales and Service can make a difference in your company. Additions and upgrades can at times be more complicated than a new installation because they must work well with existing equipment. Older equipment may need to interface with brand new products, or existing infrastructure may need adaptation to facilitate more advanced hardware. Additional attention must be paid to issues of compatibility, seamless operation and viable end results. This is what we do, and we provide an experience second to none in the process!