Business Phone Company in the Twin Cities

NEC’s Hybrid Digital and VoIP SV8100/9100.

The SV8100/9100 communication server is a rack-mountable and rack-stackable system. Like today's computer servers, the SV8100/9100 communication server utilizes blades and licenses for expansion.

The SV8100/9100 can grow as your business grows! With the addition of the IT Server programming software, you or your IT manager can manage your telephone system. Whether it be call routing or simple name changes, you are in control!

The SV8100/9100 is the system for today and many years into the future! Dont be left behind.

For a brochure on the SV8100/9100 (pdf, 5.10MB) or for a Demo on the SV8100/9100 terminals.

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