Small Business Phone Installation

Small Business Phone Installation

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Small Business Phone Installation

Back in the day, small business telephone installation was as simple as plugging in the end of the cord into your phone jack and you were done. Some of us may even remember having to go buy a ‘splitter’ so we could connect two phones into one jack! Those simple days are gone, and today’s communication systems rely on far more complex infrastructure and installation methods to provide the full range of features and benefits that our technology offers. Central Telephone Sales and Service brings years of experience in small business phone installations and substantial knowledge regarding all types of small business phone systems to the table. When you need to upgrade, move, or install a phone system for your business, we provide complete solutions from the planning stage to implementation and subsequent support.


The first step in our installation process is preparation. In order to provide the most viable and cost-effective installation of your equipment, we need to know what the equipment is, where it is going, and what the expectations are in terms of functionality. At this point we can begin to draft the installation roadmap, including wiring, hardware and connections. All of the components of your installation need to be available when the work is scheduled so that it can be done quickly and efficiently. Chances are we have everything necessary on hand, but if things need to be ordered, this is the time to get that done.


Our technicians are fully trained and certified to install and configure any of the small business phone systems we offer, as well as any legacy hardware you may currently own. The added benefit of this is that you are not limited to only purchasing new hardware – you can move existing systems during business relocation if what you own works well and satisfies your needs. Whether completely new wiring infrastructure needs to be installed, or existing wiring can be augmented or modified to accommodate the system being configured, our installers will ensure that all requirements are met or exceeded so at the end of the day, your phone system will deliver exactly what it is expected to. We may no longer generally enjoy the simplicity of just plugging a phone into a phone jack, but with Central Telephone Sales and Service, it really does end up being just that simple once our work is done.


Our support and customer service are available to call for questions regarding the operation of your telephones, it also includes technicians that can be dispatched to your location for any level of support or repair that cannot be performed from our office. Our commitment to our clients does not end after your equipment is installed and operational – we are available for the long-term as is your small business telephone system.