Commercial Security Cameras

Twin Cities Business Security Camera & Video Surveillance Installation

Neither you nor your employees have eyes in the backs of your heads, and no one on your staff can be everywhere at once. But when you own a business, continually monitoring activity both outside and inside your building is essential for a myriad of reasons.

From providing security and peace of mind for employees and guests to mitigating theft and vandalism, and even documenting daily goings-on for potential future reference, high-definition video surveillance is a must-have in any modern business environment.

That’s where commercial network security cameras come in.

At Central Telephone Sales & Service, we specialize in comprehensive network security camera installation and maintenance for businesses throughout the Twin Cities area. If you’re interested in implementing a high-resolution, reliable surveillance system that allows you to view footage from anywhere, anytime, contact us today to discuss your needs.

Benefits of Network Security Cameras

Also referred to as IP cameras, network security cameras use your business’s existing IP network – the same network you use for the internet – to record video surveillance of a given area. These cameras also use a cloud-based platform or physical device to store the footage each lens captures.

Just as old-school, analog CCTV systems have provided property surveillance for decades, these modernized camera systems do the exact same. But rather than capturing grainy, difficult-to-see video that’s only accessible from an onsite, physical storage device, high-resolution IP cameras provide viewers with crisp, clear, real-time recordings that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

With an IP security camera system, you can:

  • Instantly access surveillance video from anywhere using an internet-connected computer or mobile device.
  • Share footage with anyone, anywhere.
  • Save as much footage as your cloud storage space or hard drive allows.
  • Choose your storage option – the cloud and/or a physical storage device.
  • Cut down on cables using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, which simultaneously powers your cameras and runs signal from them.
  • Use fewer switches to reduce cabling while allowing for more camera connections and comprehensive property monitoring.
  • Capture high-resolution video up to 20 times clearer than analog camera footage and can be zoomed in for greater detail.

3 Types of Network Security Cameras

No matter the size or location of your commercial building or exterior property, there’s an IP security camera to suit your business’s needs.

IP Dome Cameras

IP dome cameras feature an unobtrusive dome-shaped design that makes them ideal for achieving discreet surveillance of both indoor and outdoor sections of your property.

These devices are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, and feature LED lights that allow them to capture detailed video even in low-illumination conditions. They also boast wide or ultra-wide-angle cameras, which allow for an impressive 180- to 360-degree field of view.

IP Bullet Cameras

These cameras can record high-resolution, long-range video and have a highly recognizable shape that’s easy for passersby to spot.

Since they’re easily detectable, bullet IP cameras may help deter undesirable actions simply by alerting passersby to the fact they’re under video surveillance. These devices also boast easy maneuverability in terms of camera positioning, allowing you to quickly adjust angles to achieve your ideal vantage point.

PTZ Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras feature mechanisms that allow them to pan right and left, tilt upward and downward, and zoom both in and out of a particular area.

With this flexibility and enhanced functionality, these IP security cameras have a distinct advantage over stationary-lens models. Not only do they help eliminate blind spots by allowing for a wider view field of over 180 degrees, but they also offer multiple viewing-angle options for closer monitoring without the need for equipment repositioning.

Schedule a Network Security Camera Consultation

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We specialize in business phone systems and commercial security camera installation, maintenance, and repair and have proudly served the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro since 1979. We can advise you on the best type(s) of IP cameras for your business’s unique layout and needs and offer ongoing support even after the installation is complete.

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