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Hybrid Telephone Systems

The greatest advantage of a hybrid (PBX) business telephone system is that it can be configured as a digital system, a VoIP system, an analog system or, combine all three into the same PBX System. The most significant benefit in a hybrid PBX is experienced in remote offices and secondary locations. Calls from one location to another route through the hybrid PBX, eliminating long-distance charges. Cordless and Cell phones can even connect directly to the hybrid PBX, ensuring the freedom of mobility when that may be necessary. In addition, owning your equipment as opposed to relying on third party hosting will eventually save money in the long run.


If you currently own a digital PBX system, you are already likely to have the wiring necessary for any of our new digital or hybrid telephone equipment. Refitting to a cloud based hosted system may require rewiring your LAN, installation of PoE network switches and other expensive infrastructure. So if your current equipment is outdated in terms of features and functions, upgrading to a new digital or hybrid telephone system makes the most sense.


Some tend to think that only hosted phone systems have features like voice mail to email, Unified Communications, integration with computing platforms, system management software and other benefits. In actuality, most digital or hybrid telephone systems have all of those features and even more.


Digital and hybrid PBX’s are and have always been the industry standard for reliability. While hosted phone systems also provide exemplary performance, there is certainly more room for issues, including packet loss due to slower Internet connections, IP address conflicts and duplexing.


Digital and hybrid PBX systems are easily managed using a web interface, similar to cloud based hosted systems. While this was not the case many years ago, today’s digital and hybrid telephones have resolved such matters, making them as easily configurable as any hosted communications network. IP phones can be easily moved from one desk or office to another which has been an advantage. Digital telephone systems now support a “station relocation” feature which facilitates the same flexibility.


Analog, PRI or SIP trunks can be connected to a digital or hybrid PBX. Routing of calls from a client's private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is accomplished without issue. Remote workers can also be connected to a Digital Hybrid PBX via SIP IP telephones.

The Bottom Line

Each type of telephone system has its own inherent advantages. Digital telephone systems are robust in their functionality and easy to wire and install. Hybrid system with IP phones offer tremendous flexibility and scalability, and can interface with computing platforms. With hybrid telephone installations, you don’t have to pick one or the other – you can have analog, digital, or VoIP telephones with analog, PRI, or SIP trunks depending on what fits your business needs most. A Hybrid PBX can also serve as a launch platform if you decide to transition to full VoIP at some point.

Central Telephone Sales and Service sells, services and supports the NEC SL2100 and SV9100 – all of which are Digital Hybrid systems. Combine the best of your existing infrastructure and the cutting-edge of communications technology in a digital or hybrid business telephone system today. Our expert staff and skilled technicians can help educate, install and maintain your system of choice for a truly top-shelf experience! Give us a call or contact us on our website to see what we can do for you.