No Matter Where You Work or What You Do, Central Telephone is Here for You

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Communication, and by proxy a solid telephone system, is absolutely crucial for a business’s success, regardless of that business’s industry. Hospitals, for example, must be able to communicate quickly and accurately to ensure top-quality patient care. Legal firms must keep in touch with their clients and frequently juggle multiple cases, which necessitates an easy-to-use and intuitive telephone system. Offices, of course, must constantly communicate and in many forms: business-to-business, internally, and with their customers themselves. No matter how or where you work, your telephone system plays an integral role in your business’s operations.

Many people have not stopped to think about this role, but Central Telephone of Plymouth, Minnesota, has. Our talented technicians are here to help create the best phone system for your business. We understand that all companies operate differently, and we strive to provide attentive, customer-focused service that lets us address the communication needs of businesses on an individualized basis. After all, what might work for another company might not work for yours, and all industries are unique in the communication technologies they require.

Why Choose Central Telephone for Your Business’s Phone System?

You know your business. We know telephones. Together, we’ll create communication solutions that can increase productivity, decrease worker stress, and streamline your business operations. With our client-first business methodology, we’re ready to collaborate to find the best phone system for you, be that VoIP or premise-based.

Of course, phone installation is not the only way our team at Central Telephone works hard to serve you. We have the skills and the experience to be your one-stop-shop for almost all of your telephone-related needs. In addition to our providing of both premise-based and VoIP phone systems, our versatile technicians are well-trained in:

  • Telephone system maintenance and repair | Even if you’re not one of our current customers, we’d be more than happy to fix up your current phone system, should you find it ailing (see a list of phone systems we service here). However, should you choose to install with us, depending on the model you choose, you also could be eligible for remote maintenance. We’ll monitor your phone system for problems and squash them before they snowball. Your business already has enough to worry about, and we believe your phone system should never add to those worries.
  • Business relocations | Getting ready for a big move? We’d be happy to help with relocating your telephone system. Transporting an entire business and its operations to a new location is a lot to juggle, but we’re here to make it a little easier. We’ll work ahead of your move-in schedule, which makes getting your communication system up and running a cinch.
  • DAS installation services | Spotty call capabilities within your facility? A distributed antenna system (DAS) from Central Telephone could help. By using a network of antennas, these systems can effectively take care of poor coverage in any given building, but they’re not easy to install unless you give the experts at Central Telephone a call.

No matter your industry and no matter your communication needs, Central Telephone is here to help. Give our Plymouth office a call now at 763-550-2000.