Star To Star

Reliability Meets Streamlined Communications

IP & VOIP Phone Systems

When it comes to your VoIP Phone system, or any of your business communication systems that utilize the internet, cloud-based management is an innovative way to ensure maximum communication efficiency. This is where the Star to Star platform excels. Available with both our Polycon and Yealink models, Star to Star is a communications management tool that enables efficient cloud-based administration for your internet-based phone systems, minimizing the technological infrastructure your company will need to invest in and effectively streamlining communication. In plainer terms, it’s a cost-efficient way to increase communication productivity—and who wouldn’t want to invest in that?

Central Telephone of Plymouth, Minnesota is proud to be a provider of this innovative cloud-based platform. With our phone installation expertise and Star to Star’s ability to effectively synergize all of your communication needs, your business will become more connected than ever, both as it relates to your customers and to your internal operations.

Star to Star and Central Telephone: The Secret to Great Communication

Frustrated by constantly getting your calls dropped? Are your employees struggling to effectively direct customers to the right person or department due to a clunky phone system? We’re here to help. Central Telephone will recommend the perfect phone system for your individual needs, and Star to Star technology, for many businesses, can be an integral part of fulfilling those needs. Though some companies still prefer premise-based phone systems, scalability and ease of installation that come with cloud-based, VoIP phone systems with Star to Star enabled make them a smart choice for countless different firms.

Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Just what can Star to Star technology combined with Central Telephone’s expertise do for your business?

  • Star to Star enables complete connection for countless communication technologies. Video, phone, fax, you name it—communication is just made more intuitive with Star to Star. Plus, with Central Telephone helping with a brand new phone installation catered to your needs, your business’s productivity will soar.
  • Star to Star can help cut your communication costs in the long run. With the platform’s amazing rates and generous amount of add-ons, saving on your monthly phone bill is easy. Central Telephone, through the construction of a personalized phone system, can also help maximize your savings by recommending the exact phone features your business will need, nothing more and nothing less. If cost efficiency is important for your company’s communication system, then look no further than Central Telephone and Star to Star technology.
  • Star to Star allows for great customer service. Through the facilitating of high-quality voice calls and unparalleled reliability, Star to Star enables your employees to provide great customer service like few other platforms can. Give your workers the communication tools they need to do your business justice with Star to Star technology and the innovative phone system solutions provided by Central Telephone.

If you’re ready to step into the modern world and streamline your communication operations, give Central Telephone a call today. We’ll hook you up with the exact technology and phone system your business needs to succeed. Contact us now at 763-550-2000.