NEC Univerge Blue

One Business Communication Platform for All Your Company Needs

IP & VOIP Phone Systems

In today’s tech-heavy workspaces, there are more apps than ever for talking, texting, and video calls, which means that it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. With NEC Univerge Blue, you can streamline communication by having a singular platform for any and all business correspondence.

Plus, given that it’s cloud-based, your business will save money having no need to maintain all that costly infrastructure! Communicate, collaborate, and work from anywhere!

NEC Univerge Blue is the perfect solution for any company looking to step into the modern world with its communication technologies affordably and seamlessly. Whether your business operates from an office or remotely, your entire team will be equipped with the right tools to stay connected!

Access Univerge Blue Services From Wherever You Work

If you’ve ever looked into business communication platforms, you know that they’re all different, offering unique interfaces and communication opportunities.

NEC Univerge Blue is more than just a glorified cloud-based phone system – it’s a comprehensive platform for all of your most important processes.

Streamline your business by allowing teams and customers to collaborate on one of the most inclusive integrated communications platforms while protecting your data with comprehensive backup and recovery services!

Communicate and Collaborate From Anywhere

NEC Univerge Blue is the singular, be-all-end-all program you’ll need to run your team.

Notable features include:

  • HIPAA-compliant audio and visual capabilities
  • File-sharing, storage, and syncing with antivirus
  • Seamless contact-center management made smarter by technology
  • Comprehensive webinar capabilities, complete with invitations and registration pages
  • Synergy with a variety of everyday office apps
  • And more!

Why Make the Switch to NEC Univerge Blue?

Simple: This business communication platform has it all!

No more needing to search out the best apps for a given task; no more scrambling to get all workers the same application in time for that important meeting. With NEC Univerge Blue, remote communication will become as seamless and effortless as speaking to a person five feet away.

In addition, this business communication platform is immensely scalable, with a sophisticated approach to tackling this commonly faced problem. You can add a variety of integrated apps as your business grows and changes, offering a communication system that moves with and supports you.

Central Telephone Sales & Service: For Cloud-Based Phone Systems, Business Communication Platforms, and More

No matter how your business communicates, we’ve got skilled professionals ready to maintain or improve it. To learn more about your opportunities with us and NEC Univerge Blue, give our Plymouth office a call today at 763-550-2000.