Business Phone Solutions in Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

An evolution in communication technology is happening and is happening at a rapid pace. VoIP, computer-integrated telephony, cloud-based communications, cell phone integration, unified communications and advanced digital networks are leading this pace. Improving the capacity, quality and cost of communications infrastructure allows the user to perform tasks far above and beyond simple voice transmission. Central Telephone Sales and Service provides complete solutions for small to medium business telephone system applications, along with support and service second to none in this industry.

Cloud Based or Hosted VoIP Systems

Perhaps the fastest growing segment in telecom is Cloud Based or Hosted VoIP Systems – AKA Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol. The “Server” is Hosted in a Data Center – AKA “The Cloud”. There is minimal equipment at the Customers site and updates are done without great expense. Due to the bandwidth efficiency and low costs that VoIP technology can provide, some consumers are migrating from traditional telephone systems to Hosted VoIP or UCaaS Systems – AKA Unified Communication As A Service, many times reducing their communication costs. Your Internet connection can drastically affect the voice quality of your Cloud Based Hosted VoIP system. For this reason, we run a full test of your network to ensure that Cloud Based VoIP is the right solution for you.

Premise Based VoIP - Traditional PBX Systems

Premise-based VoIP PBX Systems, sometimes referred to as a “Digital or Hybrid PBX”, can be a stand-alone system or it can have multiple systems linked together so that remote workers can still be part of the primary system, seamlessly transferring callers across the entire network as needed. PRI, SIP, or standard telephone lines can be connected to a Premise based PBX.

There are many reasons a business may need a system that supports VoIP, Digital and Analog technologies all within one network. Whether your business has a single office or multiple locations, our NEC line includes the SV9100, and SL2100. We also offer full support for NEC’s SV8100, SL1100, Aspire, DSX, DS, IPK and UX5000 systems, some of which can be integrated with the SV9100 system.

Indoor Cellular Amplification – AKA “DAS"

Work From Anywhere is the new norm. Cell Phones provides an option to do this. Apps are being added to Cell Phones that allow Users to be connected to their main office for both Voice and Data needs. Many Users are using Cellular Service within their offices or manufacturing facilities for various reasons, such as Automation and IoT. When the Cellular Signal is too weak, these Apps and the Users Cell Phone become unreliable and, in some cases, unusable. At Central Telephone, we have options that will Amplify the Cellular Signal in your building whether it is a large office complex with glass, a steal building, a small or large manufacturing facility or your home; our consultants will provide the solution to your problem.

There are many different uses for VoIP, Traditional Telephone and Cellular Amplification Services. Let our consultants help you choose what is best for your business.