Communication technology has come a long way. The days of rotary telephones and dial tone have been replaced with computer-integrated telephony, cloud-based communications and advanced digital networks. Improving the capacity, quality and cost of communications, telephone infrastructure utilizing high-bandwidth data and storage allows the user to perform tasks far above and beyond simple voice transmission. Central Telephone Sales and Service provides complete solutions for small to medium business telephone system applications, along with support and service second to none in this industry.

Cloud Based VOIP Systems

VoIP (Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a computer-integrated telephone system in which phone service is delivered via your Internet or local network connection. Due to the bandwidth efficiency and low costs that VoIP technology can provide, consumers are migrating from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP systems to reduce their communication costs. Your Internet connection speed, or bandwidth, can drastically affect the voice quality of your Cloud Based VoIP system. For this reason, we run a full test of your network to ensure that Cloud Based VoIP is the right solution for you.

Semi-Cloud Based VOIP Systems

With a semi-cloud based VoIP system, you can receive calls, voicemails and emails on any computer or smartphone wherever there is access to high-speed internet. Free long distance and discounted SIP trunking translate into long-term monetary savings, and minimizing the total amount of lines by “pooling” lines in the cloud is a cost-effective way to connect multiple office locations and remote workers. Regardless of your location (within US and Canada), your offices stay on one network and calls can be seamlessly transferred from one office to another. A toll-free or local phone number can also be shared between all offices. Business phone installation and programming is managed by your IT department or one of our certified technicians.

Premise Based VOIP or Digital - Traditional PBX Systems

Premise-based VoIP PBX can be a stand-alone system or it allows multiple systems to be linked together so that remote workers can still be part of the primary system, seamlessly transferring callers across the entire network as needed. PRI, SIP or standard telephone lines can be connected to a Premised Based PBX.

Like the Premise-based VoIP PBX, a Digital PBX can be a stand-alone system or connected to multiple locations. There are reasons a business may need a system that supports VoIP, Digital and Analog technologies all within one network. Whether your business has a single office or multiple locations, our NEC line includes the SV9100, SL2100 and SL1100. We also offer full support for NEC’s SV8100, Aspire, DSX, DS, IPK and UX5000 systems, some of which can be integrated with the SV9100 system. Additionally our NEC systems can incorporate PRI, Analog (standard) and SIP lines if needed.

Hybrid – Hybrid phones work with Traditional, VOIP and/or Analog Systems Hybrid systems can operate as a digital system, a VoIP system, or an analog system. For optimum operational efficiency, all three systems can function together in a seamless, powerful communication enterprise. Our NEC SL1100, SV9100 and SL2100 are all Hybrid Systems, which facilitate flexible configuration to provide exactly what your business needs.

There are many different uses for VoIP; a cloud-based solution, a semi-cloud based solution, or a premise-based solution. Let us help you choose what is best for your business.