Indoor Cellular Solutions

Boost Minneapolis - St. Paul Indoor Cell Service With Distributed Antenna Systems

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Does your Twin Cities business have spotty cell service? For example, can people on the top floor use their smartphones just fine, but other departments constantly struggle with dropped calls, poor voice quality, and dead zones? Weak cellular coverage inside the building is the problem.

If phones in your facility cannot access 3G, 4G, or LTE, they won’t hold a steady call, no matter how innovative your system is or how precise its installation was. Your inhibited or blocked signal might be due to nearby trees, hills, or even your building’s materials. Fortunately, cell phone amplification technology can be effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Installing a distributed antenna system (DAS) can help you achieve a uniform cell signal throughout your building, and Central Telephone is ready to help you select and install the right DAS solution for your business!

Twin Cities Distributed Antenna System Installation

As a DAS installation company, Central Telephone is privileged to provide DAS to Minnesota businesses across the state. We’re proud partners of Cel-Fi by Nextivity, a cutting-edge and innovative producer of cellular amplification devices.

With Central Telephone’s customer-focused mindset and Cel-Fi’s solution-focused product line, your business’s cellular coverage problems will soon be history!

How DAS Works

Cellular amplification works just like it sounds: by “boosting” cellular signals throughout your building so that your team has reliable communication at all times.

A DAS solution consists of antennas that send and receive cell signals on a carrier’s licensed frequency to improve connectivity. Cel-Fi has mastered this sort of technology, and Central Telephone’s team has mastered Cel-FI consultation and installation for Twin Cities businesses!

Cel-Fi: Smart Coverage Solutions

Central Telephone recommends and installs Cel-Fi solutions, which are signal boosting devices authorized by all major mobile carriers. We stand by the brand for its overall value and performance, but especially because of its “smart” capabilities.

Cel-Fi relies on intelligent, self-organizing algorithms to ensure you benefit from the largest area of cell coverage. It won’t compromise or interfere with your (single or multi) carrier’s networks or impede other subscribers’ signals.

From small and midsize businesses to enterprises, Cel-Fi is the ideal solution for:

  • Schools and education buildings
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare clinics
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Hotels and other hospitality spaces
  • Multi-level commercial properties
  • Small to large office spaces
  • Banks and financial institutions

Cel-Fi offers solutions for all sorts of spaces.

Whether you need just 500 square feet of coverage or more than 500,000, there’s a Cel-Fi product that will work for you! An experienced consultant at Central Telephone will help find the correct product(s) for your needs and provide expert installation of your new cellular amplifier.

Cel-Fi products are inherently quick to install.

And with their versatile and wide-reaching skill sets, our technicians can make the DAS installation process even faster! Your cell coverage issues will be fixed in a jiffy.

Cel-Fi solutions outshine the competition.

Because it’s an all-digital solution, Cel-Fi does not require any changes to existing mobile devices. Ethernet Cables connect the internal coverage units to provide a “no-loss” solution that is non-intrusive to the existing network, running parallel and 100% separate to provide the necessary security you need.

With its amazing coverage gain and its potential for innovative use, Cel-Fi technology truly does outperform its competition.

Why Choose Central Telephone & Cel-Fi for Indoor Cellular Solutions?

Like Cel-Fi, Central Telephone spares no effort in providing exceptional customer service! When you choose us for your cellular amplification needs, you’ll receive products and service that stand out in the best ways possible.

For all your business phone system needs, the choice is obvious: Central Telephone and Cel-Fi. Give our Plymouth location a call today at 763-550-2000, or contact us online to get started!