DAS Installation

Twin Cities Distributed Antenna System Installation

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Does your building suffer from spotty coverage? Can the accounting department on the first floor, for example, use their VoIP phones just fine, but other departments constantly struggle with getting their calls dropped? If so, the problem might not be in your phone systems or in faulty installation, but in your cellular coverage within a given building. For example, if your phones cannot access 3G, 4G, or LTE, they cannot hold a steady call, no matter how innovative the system itself is, and no matter how well the installation job was completed.

While it’s wonderful to know the problem, what are you to do about it? As a business with limited time and money, you can’t exactly endeavor to build a cellular tower smack-dab in the middle of your campus. This is where a distributed antenna system, or DAS for short, comes in. When you hire Central Telephone of Plymouth for your distributed antenna system installation, your coverage problems within your building or facility will be fixed in a jiffy.

Why Choose Us for Your Distributed Antenna System Company?

First of all, if you don’t know much about distributed antenna systems, we recommend checking out our page on the systems and brands we offer. It goes into detail about what the technology aims to accomplish for any given business, as well as its applications and purposes.

However, if you already are familiar with distributed antenna systems, we invite you to read on and learn a bit more about our distributed antenna system installation process, and how we at Central Telephone operate as a distributed antenna system installation company.

  • Central Telephone doesn’t just know DAS; we know phones too | Plus network solutions, relocations, and remote maintenance to boot. Our wide knowledge of many communication technologies allows us to be one of the most efficient, solution-minded distributed antenna systems installation companies out there. Because our knowledge base is large, our technicians can effectively pinpoint the exact source of your phone-related problems, something that few other communication companies can say about themselves. We’ll be able to tell if you need a distributed antenna system installation, phone repair, or one of our other services altogether.
  • We’re here to listen | We go into all of our client relationships with an open mind, ready to listen to their concerns and formulate a solution together to address them. Every company works differently, and we know that one communication system, though it might work swimmingly for one business, it might fall short for another. This mentality is especially important when it comes to selecting a distributed antenna system installation company. You need a solution-focused communications partner who will address your individual spots of poor coverage, not one who assumes they know what your problems are.
  • We’ll do your distributed antenna system installation right | At Central Telephone, great service is at the core of our company’s mission. We understand the crucial role that solid communication plays in every business’s operations, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing both efficient and high-quality distributed antenna system installation services for any company in need.

Are you dealing with poor coverage? Choose Central Telephone for your distributed antenna system installation company and experience what great service is truly like. Give our Plymouth office a call now at 763-550-2000.