Business Relocation

Computer Screen and boxes

Business Relocation

As businesses change and evolve, relocation becomes necessary at times. Whether you have outgrown your current office space or expanded enough to warrant a bigger and better location, moving an entire business operation can be a daunting task. Office furniture, computers, electronic equipment, and files are just to name a few of the physical items involved in such a move. But there is also the logistical side of things – updating websites, configuring Internet access, and last but not least, telephone system relocation. Among the most critical aspects of moving your business is how you mitigate downtime. For any amount of time your business is offline, closed or otherwise inaccessible, it can translate into loss of revenue. Central Telephone Sales and Service is here to ensure that business phone relocations go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where to begin

The first step in a successful business move is planning. Coordinating every detail of the move is necessary if you expect things to go smoothly. From going over building specs, to processing leasing or purchase paperwork, to lining up professional movers – every variable must be choreographed precisely to achieve the desired end result. This is when you need to contact us as well. Our teams must determine what communication equipment and infrastructure you currently have, what your new location offers with regard to such a move, what options you may have available, and what would need to be done for everything to work perfectly the day you’re open for business in your new office.

The Process

Once a roadmap has been put on paper, it’s time for our staff to get to work. Relocating an entire business phone system requires the utmost attention to detail, and our install technicians have a great deal of field experience in this matter. We will determine what, if anything, in your new location is able to work with the equipment you wish to move, or build the custom network that would be required support it.

Our Support

We are not just here to sell and install equipment. We are here to provide a complete client experience. This includes training your staff to use the equipment if it’s new, supporting the legacy hardware you already have or the new equipment you bought, administering whatever components require IT management, and remotely troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may arise. Having 24/7 remote support is one of the services that sets us apart from many others in this industry.

Your Grand Opening

The only acceptable outcome for the work we do is when your business hits to “GO” button on the first day of operations in your new home; everything works exactly as it should - no glitches, no problems, and no unanswered questions. Relocating your business can be a complex process, but with Central Telephone Sales and Service at your side, at least the communications aspect of it will be seamless and rewarding. Your success is our success, and we are in the business of creating success!