Cloud Phone Systems and VoIP Phone Systems in Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

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Cloud Based, Hosted Telecommunications is a type of VoIP (Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol); it is an Internet way of delivering Business Telephone Services. Unified Communications is fast becoming a major feature of VoIP and will enhance a business’s ability to communicate effortlessly. If you are looking to enhance your communication capacity, lower monthly operational costs and expand the functionality of your Communications System, Central Telephone Sales and Service provides complete Cloud Based, Hosted Phone Solutions along with many other VoIP options. We also offer installation, programming, product support and remote maintenance.

Cloud Based, Hosted phone systems and many VoIP phone systems have evolved into a Unified Communications Platform that incorporates telephone, voice mail, email, messaging, video, file sharing, conferencing and many other business features into one user friendly package. Imagine one telephone number that can be connected to multiple devices including; your desk phone, computers, tablets, cellular phones or other dedicated telephone hardware. When you choose a Cloud Based, Hosted phone system, you are choosing to put your PBX Server in the cloud, eliminating the need for potentially expensive infrastructure at your office.

Some Advantages of Cloud Based, Hosted Phone Systems

  • Voice and data can coexist over a singular network, which increases efficiency and reduces infrastructure complexity and operational costs.
  • Cloud Based phone systems for small businesses are scalable solutions, so when the need arises to add or delete lines, there is no dependence on physical copper infrastructure.
  • Integration with other business systems enhances efficiency. Workers can place calls directly from an email client or cue a customer’s records upon an incoming call.
  • Failover to alternative telephone numbers (cell phones) available should there be an internet connection failure.
  • Option to move your phone to a remote location without expensive change orders.

The Hardware of Cloud Based, Hosted Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems and cloud phone systems may be deployed using a number of different hardware configurations.

  • Dedicated VoIP phones, typically configured as business or office telephones, which connect directly to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Depending on the make and model, these can range from basic phones to more powerful platforms replete with a host of options and features.
  • Application-based features or services are generally installed on a computer, tablet or cell phone. When used on a computer, it must be equipped with a microphone and a speaker, or has provisions for a communications headset available.
  • Analog adapters allow for the operation of conventional analog telephones by means of a modular phone jack.

The Quality of Cloud Based, Hosted Phone Systems

In the beginning, Cloud Based, Hosted Phone Systems struggled because the internet was not capable of supporting voice traffic. The proliferation of high-bandwidth Internet services such as broadband and fiber optics now provide much more efficient internet capable of delivery voice traffic in an acceptable manner.

  • Stable, fast Internet access is a key requirement for proper performance.
  • High quality, business class firewalls and routers are important keys to successful implementation.
  • A number of protocols have been defined to support the reporting of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for VoIP transmissions, ensuring that the industry is both proactive and reactive to any issues as they arise.

When Cloud Based, Hosted phone systems become a consideration for your business, Central Telephone has the experience and expertise to educate, provide and install the solution that best fits your needs. Offering cutting-edge hardware and support, the decision to upgrade your communications will save you money and allow you to allocate your resources to enhancing profitability instead of servicing legacy telephone equipment.