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A reliable telephone system is crucial for your business’s success. A facility must operate as a singularly-minded entity towards any given common goal and doing so is impossible if your business cannot communicate internally and with clients about what that goal is. Of course, your business’s telephone system is the best way to facilitate this.

However, a well-maintained, state-of-the-art telephone system is only one part of this equation. Today’s business requires the use of “smart” cell phones. And, it requires that your cell phone is integrated with your business telephone system. No matter how well your business’s systems are installed, and no matter how well they’re maintained, many cell phones are rendered useless if they don’t have one thing: reliable coverage. If your cell phone cannot hold a connection to 3G, 4G, or LTE, they by proxy cannot consistently hold calls. 5G is in the works and will require even more coverage.

This is where distributed antenna systems come in. They can provide a solid cellular signal throughout an entire building, solving spotty coverage issues for good.

What is a Distributed Antenna System? How Does it Work?

In short, it’s a product that creates a uniform cellular signal throughout a building. Though all brands and models work differently, a DAS distributed antenna system generally works by receiving cellular signals, amplifying them in a manner of speaking, and distributing them throughout any given building. A DAS distributed antenna system thus takes care of poor coverage by making use of signals which are already available, just not in the right places.

Why Use a DAS Distributed Antenna System?

Because, to put it quite simply, using a distributed antenna system often the only way to solve indoor coverage issues! If nothing is wrong with your phone systems themselves, even the most talented phone repair technicians cannot do anything to improve your coverage; a distributed antenna system company like Central Telephone, however, can.

We’d be happy to be your distributed antenna company of choice. The models which we sell and install, we believe, are some of the best in the industry. Click here to learn a little more about our DAS distributed antenna system installation process.

Taking care of poor coverage can have massive benefits for your business’s productivity and your workers’ morale.

Rid your facility of the nuisance of dropped calls.

Bad connection can quickly deter a client from wanting to do business with you again; at the very least, it can be a major frustration. Similarly, your workers are bound to get frustrated if they cannot do their jobs efficiently! A distributed antenna system from Central Telephone is a great way to make life easier for both your employees and potential customers.

See the benefits of increased employee efficiency.

Imagine how much faster your staff could get things done if they didn’t have to deal with their calls being dropped all the time. Distributed antenna systems make this possible!

Maintain your business’s level of professionalism.

In many circles, it can be seen as unprofessional to have consistent communication struggles. With the help of a distributed antenna system company, however, your business can remain communicative and conduct itself professionally.

Ready to see the benefits of a DAS distributed antenna system? Give Central Telephone of Plymouth, Minnesota a call now at 763-550-2000, or learn more about the specific DAS distributed antenna systems we sell here.