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How a New Phone System Can Help Your Business Reach New Heights

As January rolls around, countless people across the state of Minnesota are setting new goals and new resolutions as they realize their true potential. Why shouldn’t this line of thinking apply to your business? A fresh start in a new decade is the perfect opportunity to push your company’s limits and reach new heights. Latch onto that New Year’s momentum and see where you and your employees can go!

Helping Customers Through a Big Move

New year, new building? If your business has decided to move house in the year 2020, that’s great! The move can be chaotic at first, but it most likely will be financially worth it in the long run. If you’ve had a facility specially built for your company, you can also look forward to possible increases in employee satisfaction and productivity that come from the optimization of space to fit their needs. In other words, be excited!

Should Your Business Stay Available to Your Customers 24/7?

We live in a fast-paced, modern world, where communication speeds are increasing at what seems to be an exponential rate. Orders can be placed for any number of goods instantaneously online, and with the advent of digital communication technologies, such as cloud-based phone systems, consumers are often used to receiving instantaneous service. It’s this line of thinking that pushes some businesses to make their workers available to customers 24/7.

DIY Small Business Phone Troubleshooting Tips

Your business is in peril; there’s a phone line down! How are you supposed to get anything done now? You don’t even know what the problem is. Getting a professional into your business and having them go over your phone system can take hours; that’s hours of lost profits.

Helpful Small Business Phone System Features

Small business phone systems are constantly being upgraded with new features and new functionalities. Staying ahead of the curve is a skill industry professionals, like those at Central Telephone, have mastered, but it’s a skill that can be very hard to master for the small business owner looking into getting a new cloud-based phone system. There are so many models and brands; how are you to make the right decision?

Bridging the Communication Gap between Young and Old Employees

A small business staffed by diverse age groups definitely sets itself above its peers. With the zest and enthusiasm of the youth combined with the steadiness and experience of their elders, work can get done faster and better, and multiple generations working together can come up with unique ideas neither could on their own. At the end of the day, diversity is good for business.

Training Young Employees to Answer the Phone

For many people who have been in the workforce for a while, answering telephone calls wasn’t a skill that needed to be learned on the job. After all, older individuals didn’t grow up with instant messaging for communication; if they wanted to talk to their friends, calling on the telephone was the only option!

Cloud-based versus Premise-based VOIP: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to protecting our families, most of us would do just about anything. But even when you’re cautious, break-ins can occur. In most cases, they can happen when you least expect them, and even simple burglaries can put your family’s safety at risk.

Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Instead of Landlines?

Lots of small business owners are afraid to make the switch over to cloud-based phone systems. Their landlines have worked fine for decades, they reason; why mess with something that isn’t broken? Moreover, it takes both an up-front cost and time to learn how to use a new small business phone system. In this economy, money is something that almost nobody can spare.

The Importance of Interconnectivity for Small Businesses

Interconnectivity—it seems like a vague buzzword that ultimately represents a passing fad in the way businesses operate, or one of those words you’d see on an inspirational poster in the breakroom. However, in the technology-saturated modern world, this concept seems to be sticking around and becoming a permanent part of how all businesses, big and small, boost their productivity and maintain their employees.

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