In today’s business world, everything is becoming remote. In the last 12 months alone, remote home-based jobs have nearly doubled nationwide. Remote companies handle Digital File storage, and media is transferred via remote satellite. Even your smart device is being used to control automated systems from a remote location.


So it should be no surprise that businesses require remote service from communication companies like Central Telephone Sales and Service. Conventional telephone hardware systems, however, do not allow our technicians to fix your system issues from a remote location. In the past, if your company had a problem, we had to get in the company van and come to your site.


Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

Thanks to cloud-based phone systems, Central Telephone can now partner with your IT department to solve communication issues from a remote location. Cloud technology provides several opportunities for businesses to expand:


●        Technical support can be handled over the phone.

●        Diagnostics can be pinpointed and confirmed over a network.

●        Remote locations allow businesses to expand or relocate and continue to work with our team.

●        Cloud systems are more reliable with less hardware maintenance and upgrades.


Free Up Your IT Staff

Remote tech support means that our IT team can help your IT team get to the bottom of communication issues without taking up an entire day and going through several hoops to fix the problem. We diagnose and identify glitches in the system from our remote location. This form of customer service is invaluable to your IT department because it allows them do what they were hired to do: move your company forward.


What Type of Phone Systems Can Go Remote?

There’s an additional benefit to utilizing remote phone diagnostics and maintenance. We can provide this service on a wide range of telecommunications systems. Some examples include:


●        IP Phone Systems

●        Hybrid Phones

●        VoIP Networks

●        Digital Phones

●        Multi-location networks


We can work through the cloud to provide ongoing maintenance as technical problems occur. Remote technology allows us to monitor your business phone systems continually so that when something goes wrong, we can handle it without any delay. Instant maintenance helps keep your company operating efficiently throughout the workday. And the best part is, you don’t have to tie up your employees’ time with phone problems. Central Telephone has got you covered all day, every day.


Central Telephone: Providing Digital Phone System Solutions

If you want to take your communication technology to the next level, then contact Central Telephone Sales and Service. We offer a wide selection of flexible, custom-designed business phone systems. Our products and services extend to businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. For an initial consultation call us today at 763-550-2000.