Small business phone systems are constantly being upgraded with new features and new functionalities. Staying ahead of the curve is a skill industry professionals, like those at Central Telephone, have mastered, but it’s a skill that can be very hard to master for the small business owner looking into getting a new cloud-based phone system. There are so many models and brands; how are you to make the right decision?


Central Telephone, a Plymouth, Minnesota, business phone installation firm, is here to help. Though, when push comes to shove, only you know what’s right for your business. Below, we explain a few useful features in a small business phone system for you to consider.

It’s The Little Things that Count

While it’s important to have a phone that can serve basic functions, such as receiving and making calls, you’d be surprised by what added bells and whistles could do for your workers’ productivity and your firm’s business efficiency. Added features make transferring and retaining information faster and easier, which is the purpose of almost all communication technologies.


In terms of phones, what features might help your small business?


●        Voicemail Transcription | Essentially, this feature puts voicemails your firm receives into text format, which converts it to an email that will appear in the corresponding worker’s inbox. This might make information more easily accessible for some differently-abled employees, and it also cuts down on the amount of time others spend with the phone to their ears, which leaves them free to accomplish other tasks.

●        Call Forwarding | While our email is readily accessible from any device with an internet connection, the same has not been historically true for phone calls. However, call forwarding technologies make answering phone calls almost as easy as checking your email! With call forwarding, all connected phones can answer calls to a single given number. This means it has become possible for employees to take business calls through their home or cell phones.

●        Voice call digitization | With this type of technology, phones and computer systems can work together to manage calls. This makes important communications accessible from multiple devices and also enables recording of calls under certain circumstances.

Not Sure What Your Business Needs? Central Telephone is Here to Help

Our Plymouth team would be delighted to help your business step into the modern world with new phone technologies. For innovative wiring solutions and cloud-based installation services, give us a call at 763-550-2000.