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Scalability: Why it Matters When it Comes to Small Business Phone Systems

Small business phone systems and network solutions are often described in terms of scalability. What does this term mean?

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DIY Small Business Phone Troubleshooting Tips

Your business is in peril; there’s a phone line down! How are you supposed to get anything done now? You don’t even know what the problem is. Getting a professional into your business and having them go over your phone system can take hours; that’s hours of lost profits.

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The Lowdown on Low-Voltage Wiring

Business phone installation firms everywhere, along with network wiring services, use low-voltage wiring to do their jobs. Learn about this crucial part of these industries in this post.

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Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Instead of Landlines?

Lots of small business owners are afraid to make the switch over to cloud-based phone systems. Their landlines have worked fine for decades, they reason; why mess with something that isn’t broken? Moreover, it takes both an up-front cost and time to learn how to use a new small business phone system. In this economy, money is something that almost nobody can spare.

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Why Hire a Professional to Install your Cloud-Based Phone System?

At this point, the DIY trend has taken over the internet. Video-hosting sites are overrun with instructional bits on how to do anything from starting a campfire to installing a washing machine.

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VoIP Analytics: Evaluating Your Phone System's Performance

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gives business owners the ability to communicate over the Internet using versatile communication technology. VoIP equipment can be used to replace your old phone system or integrate with your current phone system with relative ease. Central Telephone can show you the features and benefits of VoIP technology and how to use it for your company. Contact us today for an initial consultation. We can answer all your questions and help you get started.

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Cloud-Based Phone System Components That Benefit Your Business

Is an outdated phone system limiting your flow of communication? It may be time to explore some options that you need to keep your business competitive in the modern age. Cloud-based systems offer innovative, useful features that improve productivity and collaboration in your business. Central Telephone can help you discover which features are most beneficial for your workflow each day. Five of the most practical features for companies in the Twin Cities metro area include:

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Boost Your Startup with a Cloud-Based Phone System

There were more startups launched in 2017 than in the previous four years and 2018 looks to be even bigger for those who have a business idea. If your startup has taken root and growing faster than you expected, how are you handling your communication? After all, you have to graduate from ‘everybody just brings their cell phone’ to ‘we have a serious problem keeping up with the influx of calls.’ To help you go next level with your communication, Central Telephone can introduce you to the world of cloud-based technology.

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Reduce In-House Maintenance With a Cloud-Based Phone System

Companies in nearly every industry across the country have begun hiring new employees remotely. Remote positions are growing by nearly 60% every year as business owners are discovering that they no longer need team members on the premises.

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Save Time with Cloud-Based Phone System Remote Maintenance

In today’s business world, everything is becoming remote. In the last 12 months alone, remote home-based jobs have nearly doubled nationwide. Remote companies handle Digital File storage, and media is transferred via remote satellite. Even your smart device is being used to control automated systems from a remote location.

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