If your business phone systems lack the equipment and technology necessary to run your business, then your next move is to upgrade to cloud-based technology. With cloud-based technology, you can streamline all of your single or multi-site IP phone systems, hybrid phone systems, digital phones, or other communication networks. Below are three ways that cloud-based technology can give your communication a boost.


An Entire Network Controlled by a Single System

Multiple buildings that contain traditional telephone systems run into a wide range of issues that include additional maintenance, costly IT support, and time-consuming training that is continuous every time the equipment is updated. Companies may have to recruit extra staff to take care of the multiple systems, because the other employees have no idea how to do it.


Our cloud-based VoIP system solves all these problems, by bringing all the technology together and managing it in the cloud. A simplified setup allows you to optimize features to suit your company’s specific needs. Incoming and outgoing calls can be coordinated at specified facilities or across the entire telephone network. Even high-end tech such as intercoms are now a breeze to integrate. All users can be deleted or added with relative ease.


All Operations Can Now be Flawlessly Synchronized

When your company involves multiple sites scattered throughout a region, maintaining all these sites simultaneously is challenging at best. A cloud-hosted VoIP solution from Central Telephone Sales and Service makes long-distance video and telephone conferencing much easier. We can set up the monitors and chatting devices to be hosted on the same internet-secure server regardless of the location.


If you need to transfer communication from location to the next, your callers will not notice the difference. This feature makes serving your customers more effective than ever. All communication both inside and outside the main building can now be flawlessly connected.


A VoIP PBX Phone System Will Save Your Company Money

80% of all companies nationwide have reported significant savings by utilizing cloud-based VoIP systems. As the technology improves less machinery will be needed and the integration of all sites will become easier.


We can equip your company to handle future upgrades without taking a large leap. Instead of going through multiple providers to bring your network together, you can now go through a single company to get the same results. Your company will experience fewer maintenance costs and equipment upgrades.


If you have any further questions about VoIP telephone systems, then contact Central Telephone Sales and Service. We provide a broad spectrum of products and services that give you the best options for your business. Call us today at 763-550-2000 and let us help you get your business communication to the next level! We provide complete service for all businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.