Lots of small business owners are afraid to make the switch over to cloud-based phone systems. Their landlines have worked fine for decades, they reason; why mess with something that isn’t broken? Moreover, it takes both an up-front cost and time to learn how to use a new small business phone system. In this economy, money is something that almost nobody can spare.


However, business phone installation services like us that work with VOIP systems know that these systems are popular these days for a reason. They have so many new features that, in many areas, they rapidly rendering landlines obsolete. Central Telephone explains further below.

The Limitations of Landlines

Landlines use copper wire to facilitate phone calls. While this analog system has been reliable for decades, it has inherent limitations—limitations that make operating a business in the modern world all the harder, limitations that VOIP systems easily overcome. These limitations include:


●        Scalability. When you invest in a landline system, its inherent physical limitations mean that you’re limited in the number of calls your business can take at one time, even with the most innovative wiring solutions. This can present problems in the short-term if your employees tend to use the phone a lot, but it also means that expanding becomes all the more difficult. You’ll need to go through a whole process to install and upgrade existing hardware. Cloud-based installation, however, creates an unlimited number of lines—meaning, with a strong internet connection, your business can easily grow as big as you’d like.

●        Mobility. Landline phones are analog; that is, they rely entirely on tangible means to convey information, much like the traditional book or record player. This means, however, that landlines are essentially immobile. Your employees will only be able to make calls from their desks! VOIP systems, on the other hand, are digital—they can use nonphysical things, such as the Internet, to fulfil their purpose. This means that, with the right system, you’ll even be able to let your employees take business calls from their mobile phones.

●        Potential for Innovation. Landlines don’t offer much in the way of third-party applications. VOIP systems, on the other hand, because they operate in the digital theater, work with all sorts of programs to make a business’s life easier. Some of the said programs even automatically record call data.

Interested in a New Small Business Phone System?

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