The worst has officially happened: your business’s cloud-based phone system has broken down. Absolutely nothing can get done until you get it fixed. Your employees are standing around twiddling their thumbs and looking worried, while you frantically scour the web for the rare repairman that can come on such short notice. Small business phone systems aren’t easy to fix on your own, after all.


There’s a much more stressless alternative to this whole debacle, however: hiring remote-based cloud-based telephone system maintenance. We at Central Telephone specialize in this kind of maintenance and are here to tell you all about its benefits. Read on to discover more about what remote maintenance can do for you.

Remote System Maintenance can Swiftly Resolve Errors in your Cloud-Based Telephone System’s Functioning

Even with top-notch cloud-based installation services, the potential exists for an eventual connectivity error, or something of the like. It’s just how computers work: glitches are a fact of life. However, they don’t need to derail your whole workday; remote system maintenance can quickly resolve glitches without the need for you to wrangle a repairman.


How is this possible, you might ask. The short answer: Through networks. The long answer is a lot more complicated.


Basically, if you own a cloud-based phone system, your system is connected to all other systems within your office; that’s how you’re able to transfer calls and information so easily. What can also be connected to these systems is a piece of monitoring software, which, if installed, Central Telephone can access and use to keep an eye on the functionality of your system. Once a problem pops up, the software tells us exactly what it is, and we quickly can nip it in the bud before it spirals into a disaster.

Remote System Maintenance Saves you Money

No matter who you call, a service technician can cost you cash—and time, for that matter. For your small business, time is basically the same thing as money. With remote system maintenance from Central Telephone, the likelihood you’ll need to call a service technician drastically decreases; your telephone problems will be fixed quickly and economically.

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