The Internet of Things (IoT) grows larger every day. How we connect our devices to the internet builds the IoT. The use of cloud-based telephone systems is more and more prevalent in both business and residential applications. Central Telephone shares how cloud-based phone systems will play a role in the future of IoT technology.


What is the Internet of Things?

Put simply, every time you use your telephone, tablet, or computer to connect to the internet, you are making the Internet of Things (IoT) larger. Think about all the devices connected to the internet. If you have security cameras at home or work that you can access via the internet, that camera is part of the IoT. The IoT makes the world connected via all the devices on the internet.


Cloud-Based Phone Systems

If you have ever made a call using Skype or some other program with your computer, you have used a cloud-based phone system. Many people use programs to make these calls, which are also called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Did you get a spam or sales call from a number you did not recognize lately? Did you ever try to call that number back? Likely, you got a “number unavailable” recording or some sort of other error message-likely a VoIP call from a number that does not exist.


Many businesses have moved to cloud-based phone systems to manage multiple extensions or departments. You route calls over the internet and forward to cell phones and landlines or even answer via computer. Virtual voicemail accounts can be set up to send calls to specific areas to help companies manage call loads. A cloud-based system is cost effective and can store lots of data, saving companies up to 80 percent over traditional phone systems.


Cloud-Based Phone Systems and Future IoT Technology

All devices that connect to the IoT, especially telephones themselves, have the ability to use VoIP technology. With smart home technologies becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, cloud-based phone systems using VoIP will allow devices on the IoT to accept voice commands. You can utilize the data stored in the cloud-based phone system to help operate devices connected via IoT. From smart homes to security systems, cloud-based phone systems tied to the IoT will make life more convenient and safe for its users.


Cloud-Based Phone System Installation in Minnesota

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