Voice Over Internet Protocol technology from Central Telephone allows businesses to develop a simplified communication model that can be integrated with the system they're already currently using. This alternative to traditional phone communication technology has additional benefits, such as lower monthly bills, device integration, and multiple location configurations. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. We also refer to it as digital or IP telephone technology. It allows you to communicate over the Internet in the same way as a conventional telephone system. 

Should your company upgrade to a VoIP phone system? Let's take a closer look!

VoIP Explained: What Is It & How Can It Benefit Your Business?

VoIP technology has grown at the same rate as the Internet did in the 90s. It has become the standard for businesses across Minneapolis and St. Paul because it's affordable (in many cases, free), easy to use, and versatile enough to be integrated into almost any communication technology. All of the features and benefits give VoIP distinct advantages over a traditional business phone network. 

Central Telephone works with large and small business phone systems so owners can upgrade their equipment. Once you understand how a VoIP system works, you'll see why it is a valuable tool for any business. 

How Does VoIP Technology Work?

Let's say you have a company with multiple locations but only one operator answering the phone for all areas. Our VoIP system allows a single user to monitor and utilize the entire phone network for every building within the company. 

Regardless of how many locations and complex the networking needs are, VoIP systems are designed to handle large-scale projects. This ability to use a single network for multiple locations opens up a wide range of possibilities for communicating within your company's network or contacting others around the world. 

Central Telephone voice automation can also be configured for wireless "hotspots" in public facilities such as airports, commercial properties, government buildings, parks, coffee shops, etc. You can now access VoIP using your computer, phone, tablet, or other smart devices.

The Benefits of VoIP Technology

VoIP is very useful and practical in the office when integrated with cloud-based systems and hybrid phone networks. Our VoIP communication technology allows you to choose whether you want a closed network of phones or to open your system up to anyone calling in or out. 

Although VoIP services are geared toward making calls through a computer network, modern devices now provide the same services for smartphones or landlines connected to a VoIP adapter. An example would be linking cell phones directly as extensions of the same phone system. 

This would allow a single user to dial an extension and leave a message for all designated recipients on their cell phones.

Communication Over the Internet

We install VoIP system communication over an internet infrastructure, utilizing IP Protocol. This method allows you to communicate without paying additional for the technology. 

You can choose from numerous computer-based and cloud-based VoIP options that give you flexibility. Voice over Internet Protocol also gives you more freedom to make international calls easily. 

Easy to Install & Maintain

IP phones are simple to install and require low maintenance. We can help you set up the entire system and provide remote support from our offices. Since there is no hardware or software to install, we'll merely need to configure it with what else you have.

Upgrade or Downgrade

You can keep VoIP in the mix as we help you grow your system. You can still use VoIP seamlessly if you downgrade your equipment or simplify your network.


Your employees can access a convenient web portal to reconfigure their phones, change numbers, or update profile information. All of this can be done no matter where the job takes you.

Supported Features

You can utilize all types of features, such as call hold, transfer, forwarding, conference calling, call tracking, and auto-attendance. Most of the features are supported by other systems. 

Bring Your Old Gadgets Along

We can help you integrate VoIP into your old phone system, including faxes, and when if it’s time for an upgrade, our team can help you find the right products for your needs.

Improve Employee Productivity

Many companies are switching to VoIP systems today not only to save money but also to improve productivity. VoIP technology lets you transmit your voice data over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines, but it also does much more; Because the system is entirely online, it can be customized to meet your needs.

Implementing advanced features can keep your company streamlined, and a few of our favorites include:

Use of Mobile Apps

Your employees aren't always at their desks. Find Me, Follow Me is a unique feature designed to follow your employee, whether working from home, at another office, or with a client. Find Me, Follow Me rings different numbers based on programming and schedules so your customers never have to go without care. 

Integrated Presence

Do your employees have to work closely with their colleagues? One difficulty is that they're often unaware of whether other employees can help them with their questions and queries. Integrated presence systems with VoIP telephony let employees know which colleagues are available and which are busy. A presence system will let them know who is on the phone and who has set themselves temporarily "away."

Video Conferencing

VoIP systems are often directly integrated with video conferencing; Because the system is designed to use the Internet, it can transmit video data and voice. Video conferencing is far more effective in productivity than audio-only conferences, making it easier for employees to collaborate with their colleagues and clients. 

In addition to video conferencing, instant messaging features are often available to make communication fast, easy, and versatile.

Third-Party Integration

Today, VoIP systems can directly integrate into customer relationship programs, ERP solutions, and more, making launching calls and tracking them from your company's platforms easy. In terms of customer relationship management, this makes it much easier for employees to track the history of a customer and prior contacts. This can be used for sales teams to score leads and track customer engagement. 

Every VoIP company has its selection of services designed to improve your employee's productivity and make it easier for your business to function. 

How Can VoIP Save Your Business Money?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a popular, effective way to communicate with your business. Instead of using existing telephone lines, voice calls, teleconferencing, and video traffic takes place through the Internet. 

Conventional landlines are quickly becoming obsolete for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is the expense. Every business will likely have broadband access, so pushing your communications through the same data network makes perfect sense. 

It is an expense already incurred, so why add another one with a phone line with much lesser capacity and capability than the Internet?

VoIP eliminates the need to install or maintain existing copper telephony. It also eliminates the phone bill entirely. VoIP can be used for remote applications such as mobile devices, keeping all your employees connected, regardless of where they are. And the added features far outweigh the typical telephone sitting on your desk – unlimited long-distance calling, complex voicemail management, voice or video conferencing, and a host of other features expected in a business environment. 

Everything becomes data, and data is what the Internet does. A video conference call, a file transmission, and a text to your installer out in the field are all the same. As with all Internet Protocols, security encryption is built into the platform, keeping sensitive data from being encroached upon.

Central Telephone Sales and Service specializes in all types of business communication solutions, and among the most prevalent is VoIP. We can scale the package to fit your business requirements and upgrade or modify the arrangement at any time it becomes necessary, such as the addition of employees or an expansion of your business. 

By saving money in the long term, your company can become more profitable and better at staying in touch with employees and markets vital to its continuity.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a phone system that uses online voice data to manage and make calls. It eliminates many traditional office components (typically, a headset is the only thing required), and one of the primary advantages is the money you can save by switching. However, every business is different, and not everyone can save. 

Getting Started with VOIP

Here are several questions to consider when considering moving to VoIP.

1. What Does My Office Look Like?

This question is more important than you may think. If your phone communication system is highly focused in one location among a highly limited number of people (we're talking about the reception area), then the savings from VoIP will probably be minimal.

If you have phones at every, route a lot of calls to various parts of the office, and generally have a lot of employees on the phone throughout the day, then VoIP can be far more effective at saving money.

2. What Is the Fee Structure?

VoIP services have different fees based on the vendor, your chosen features, and how you use the system. 

Take a close look at these fees and create cost estimation models that you can easily compare with your current service. This should answer a lot of questions about budgeting and costs!

3. Does VoIP Offer Tools That Will Lead to Increased Sales?

VoIP's digital interface and online tools often allow for faster customer service, better data collection about customer calls, and a more effective combination of online work and OTP communication. 

Will these tools convert customers and increase sales more effectively than your current system? Do they offer anything new you don't already have?

4. How Does the Initial Cost of VoIP Compare With Long-Term Savings?

VoIP gets a lot of praise for vastly reducing the amount of equipment you need to manage a phone system. However, you will still have an initial cost for implementation. 

Compare that cost to your company's savings over time to see if the investment is worth it.

5. What If My Bandwidth Needs Change?

VoIP's lynchpin is bandwidth: Without reliable bandwidth that offers even data, a VoIP system can become very low-quality and may even deter customers. 

You need enough bandwidth to switch voice data to an online format. Do you already have enough, or will you increase your internet provider payments to move to VoIP?

6. What Are My Future Plans?

If you plan to stay around the same size for the foreseeable future, then hosted VoIP services can help you save money more effectively. If you want to expand quickly, a managed VoIP option may be smarter – as long as you have the resources.

7. Does Your Staff Work Remotely?

Working remotely and hybrid options are becoming more common, and VoIP can be the best solution for your business if your employees work away from the office. The process is simple and only requires installing a softphone on their mobile or home computer to keep them connected to your system. VIP is highly compatible and the most powerful platform for remote and home workers as long as an Internet connection is available.

Enhance Your VoIP Experience With the Right Equipment 

Central Telephone technology custom-designs your VoIP network. Integrating our equipment and phone products will save your company hundreds of dollars in reduced phone bills. You'll notice considerable savings just after the first month. 

We can revamp your communication system to accommodate even the most complicated VoIP configurations. Central Telephone works with telecom companies, Internet providers, and cable companies nationwide to deliver the fastest and clearest communication systems possible. 

We provide PBX control platforms, hosted PBX services, and telephone services.

Are VoIP Systems Right for Your Business? Let's Discuss!

Are you tired of limited communication options? Do you run a business where efficient phone communication is paramount? Are you looking for more modern telephone solutions while saving money with multiple location systems? Then VoIP telephone systems are perfect for your company? You will quickly find that this innovative technology can deliver your networking needs without breaking your budget.

If you have any questions about VoIP telephone systems, contact Central Telephone Sales and Service. We provide a broad spectrum of products and services that give the best options in the business in Minnesota and the surrounding area. Call us today at 763-550-2000, or contact us online and let us help you get your business communication to the next level!