Modern business and the technology that accompanies is growing and changing at an unprecedented rate. While growth is good, it can also present challenges in key business areas such as telephone communications, remote access, Wi-Fi network, P2P media and audio interface, and numerous telephone and messaging tools.


While making period upgrades to keep up with new technology is attainable, you may be wondering how to configure ground-level communication infrastructure without throwing everything out and starting all over again.

How Does VoIP Technology Work?

Once you understand how a VoIP system works, then you’ll be able to see why it is a valuable tool for any business. Let’s say you have a company with multiple locations, but only one operator who is answering the phone for all sites.


Our VoIP system allows a single user to monitor and utilize the entire phone network for every building within the company. Regardless of how many locations and complex the networking needs are, VoIP systems are designed to handle large-scale operations.


This ability to use a single network for multiple locations opens up a wide range of possibilities for communicating within your company’s network or contacting others around the world. Central Telephone voice automation can also be configured for wireless ‘hotspots’ in public facilities such as airports, commercial properties, government buildings, parks, coffee shops, etc. You can now access VoIP using your computer, phone, tablet, or other smart devices.

VoIP: Scalable and Simplified Phone Service

As corporate communication systems become more advanced, you can find the most simple and direct way to handle the expansion.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems provide the solution you need. How does VoIP help your business?


●        You can simplify your cabling configuration

●        VoIP offers a scalable solution to meet ongoing (and, at times, sudden) technological upgrades and expansion

●        Employees can easily transition to a new phone system without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

●        VoIP offers more advanced, easy-to-use features than conventional phone systems.

VoIP Offers Flexibility

Although VoIP services are geared toward making calls through a computer network, modern devices now provide the same services for smartphones or landlines connected to a VoIP adapter. An example would be linking cell phones directly as extensions off of the same phone system.

This would allow a single user to dial an extension and leave a message for all designated recipients on their cell phones. You can set up the system to work in your current communication framework. And, you can make adjustments seamlessly as you go.

Central Telephone Can Customize Your VoIP Network

Central Telephone technology to custom-design your VoIP network. By integrating our equipment and phone products, we will save your company hundreds of dollars in reduced phone bills. You’ll notice considerable savings just after the first month. We can take your current communication system and revamp it to accommodate even the most complicated VoIP configurations.


Central Telephone works with telecom companies, Internet providers, and cable companies across the country to deliver the fastest and clearest communication systems possible. We provide PBX control platforms as well as hosted PBX services and telephone services.

Are VoIP Systems Right for Your Business?

Since VoIP systems are scalable, they can be installed in both large and small businesses to enhance communication. Whether you need a limited number of features, or you’re looking to overhaul your entire corporation, VoIP systems can help you meet all your objectives.


The question you need to ask is how satisfied you are with your current telephone network. If you experience limited communication options, inefficient communication processes, poor equipment performance, or complicated networks, a VoIP service solves these issues.

VoIP Installation & Service in Minneapolis

If you have any further questions about VoIP telephone systems, then contact Central Telephone Sales and Service. We provide a broad spectrum of products and services that give you the best options for your business.


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