Your current communication system could be costing you time and production, which ultimately leads to loss of revenue. Today’s modern communication systems offer a wide range of features while simplifying your communication network and saving you money in the process.


If you haven’t upgraded your outdated telephone system, below are some powerful communication upgrades that will change the way you do business from the inside out. If you would like to discuss options for modernizing your phone equipment, then contact Central Telephone today at 763-550-2000.

1. Switch to Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cables offer distinct advantages over conventional wiring such as:


●        No electromagnetic interference

●        Secure data transfer

●        Nonconductive

●        Zero spark or fire hazards

●        Easy installation and maintenance

●        High bandwidth over long distances


You can modernize your entire phone system just by having fiber optic cabling installed in your facility.

2. Patch Panel Setup

A patch panel gives you the ability to connect wires into electric sockets using various combinations or setups. Panels keep business phone systems organized and contained so that you can conceal the cables.


More specifically, patch panels serve the following purpose:


●        Allows mechanical relief to the comparatively expensive switch ports

●        Creates a cleaner and more organized way of identifying signal flow and troubleshooting technical problems

●        Prevents the need to re-run cables or swap equipment places around if you need to change something or if something breaks.

●        Connects the equipment to any outlet

●        Corresponds to permanent jack locations to simplify patch panel wiring for networkers

3. Implement Data Racks

Whether you need horizontal/vertical installation, cable tray systems, or panels, you can implement data racks to your cable management setup. Data racks ensure that you can configure the cable network as needed.


They also make maintenance much easier while safeguarding the cables and preventing them from becoming unplugged. You can secure, bundle, and route all cords and cables in a way that makes them easy to identify.

4. Install a Hybrid Phone System

Which hybrid telephone system is best for your communication needs?


●        Digital

●        VoIP

●        Analog

●        Cloud-Based


You can choose any combination of these systems to deliver any of your communication and networking needs.


Central Telephone offers NEC SL1100, SV9100, SV8100 digital phones that give you unmatched flexibility to pick and choose what type of setup is best for you. If you are using all three of these networks in your business, our hybrid models can accommodate all of these.

Custom Cloud-Based VoIP Systems

If you are looking to modernize your outdated phone system for your business, then contact Central Telephone. We offer a wide range of cloud-based, VoIP, and digital phone equipment for all types of communication needs.


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