Commercial facilities often contain complex wiring systems such as Network data, telephone and Wi-Fi access, HD video and audio systems, and computer networking systems. All of these components require a wiring network that is separate and apart from standard electrical wiring.


The question is how to bridge the network with a cabling system that is powerful enough to handle modern communication and scalable enough to expand as your business grows or as new technology emerges.


Low voltage cables create a powerful network that allows digital automation and communication systems to function consistently and efficiently without interruption.

What is Low Voltage Wiring Used for?

Low voltage wiring can be utilized for various applications in almost any type of structural setting. Common applications include:

Telephone Networks

Low voltage cabling can connect devices within a single location or over multiple locations of the same business. Cabling simplifies all connections without taking away any modern features that are valuable to modern business.


The demand for optimal Wi-Fi performance is higher than ever, as businesses continue to utilize wireless connections for countless devices. Low voltage cabling provides users with all the access they need to create a powerful Wi-Fi network that reaches every device.

Audio & Video

Low voltage cabling can accommodate a complex media infrastructure that routes concurrent high definition HDMI video streams from multiple sources to multiple TVs and projectors throughout a facility. Technicians can design and implement low voltage wiring flexible enough to handle any media configuration.

Security and Surveillance

Low voltage wiring is crucial for mapping out a security or surveillance roadmap. Wiring can be channeled to areas where video cameras, movement sensors, and alarms are implemented.

Third-Party Installation and IT Support

For companies that do not have an onboard IT department to handle networking, Internet, Wi-Fi, media, and security systems, companies such as Central Telephone can provide networking solutions from remote locations.


If on-site diagnoses or repair is necessary, the process is far simpler than dealing with conventional networking systems and can be handled in a short period. You get more power from a simplified network that requires less maintenance or repairs.


A third-party telephone and cabling company can set up the system for you, adjust the system as your company grows or changes, and make the necessary repairs as needed. 

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