Cloud storage has been on a steady rise, and even more, businesses are looking to store their data off site. So to avoid confusion on your end, we're going to explain cloud storage and why so many businesses are leaping this type of data service.


●        Cloud Storage Is Flexible - One of the major perks of cloud storage is that it's flexible. You'll no longer have a room dedicated to having heavy tech equipment that would require movers to move throughout your building in the event of relocation. In addition to this, the event of a natural disaster, fire, or other misfortune will not leave you without your important data. At Central Telephone we are incredibly flexible, as can bend to the needs and requirements of your business.

●        Cloud Storage Is Safe & Secure - In many situations, cloud storage can be much safer when handled by an off-site source. Having your data handled on-site can be complex, which can lead to a lack of system updates or upkeep required to keep your network in shape and working properly. Thankfully, we specialize in such areas and can make sure your systems have the most recent updates and keep your sensitive information secure.

●        Cloud Storage Saves Time - Cloud storage saves time for numerous reasons. For example: Let's say one of your in-house servers shuts down and halts your business. With cloud storage, you can easily switch over to the cloud and swiftly conduct business with no problems. We witnessed an awful lot in our years of business, and it's safe to say that we know how to tackle your issue in record time.

●        Cloud Storage Saves Money - Cloud storage saves money in several different ways. For one, it almost eliminates the need for in-house support. In-house support can be costly when they're not constantly fixing technical issues on the site. However, your business can't operate without technical help watching over actions in the event of an emergency. This is where cloud storage saves the day, as it hosts your servers and routinely updates your system with their employees.


Considering the information above, setting up a cloud storage system might be the best idea for your business. Thankfully, at Central Telephone we offer cloud storage and strive for perfection. Contact us today at 7630550-2000 so your business operations can run smoothly tomorrow.