The advantages of cloud-based phone systems are well-documented. Startups and corporations across the Twin Cities area have experienced firsthand what cloud-based technology can do for their communication systems. The most important question, however, is whether you can save money by integrating cloud technology into your current hardware. Central Telephone provides cloud-based phone installation for all types of businesses. Below are some ways we have observed that you can save money upgrading to cloud-based phone systems.


How Much Can You Save?

Cloud phone systems offer the highest value and ROI on your investment than any other telephone technology on the market. But how much can you save? With close adherence to business network requirements and a rigid application of the system, cloud phone systems can save you up to 75%. Central Telephone can sit down with you and analyze your current communication network to determine where you can cut costs. Our goal is to save you money without sacrificing quality of service or equipment.


Here Are Practical Ways That You Can Reduce Your Cost

Although not every business is the same, we have found that by implementing our cloud-based technology, many businesses have been able to reduce their monthly costs by 40% to 75% in the following areas:


●        Annual maintenance and repairs

●        Call logging and voicemail services

●        Adding extensions

●        Cloud expansion

●        Line rentals

●        Equipment depreciation


What Features Are Available for Cloud-Based Systems?

Cloud-based phone technology gives you all of the features that you enjoy, plus more that you didn't even know existed. The range of products that come with a cloud package can help you fine-tune your business communication to fit your industry. List of common features we provide for your business include:


●        Voicemail & recording

●        Call transfer

●        Conference calling

●        Application integration (CRM, Outlook, etc.)

●        Video conferencing and messaging

●        Interactive voice response


What About Network Costs?

A common concern of business owners is the cost of running cloud-based communication over a network. With the addition of VoIP and SIP in the system, cloud technology has distinct advantages over traditional lines, regarding setup and usage costs. Ethernet access offers important advantages over low-performance communications and all at different price points such as:


●        Quality of service vital to your bandwidths from Mbps to Gbps

●        Third-party monitoring and service

●        Superior performance and speed on uploads and downloads

●        Security and reliability across multi-site businesses


Central Telephone Delivers Cloud-Based Telephone Systems

When it comes to advanced modern phone systems, look no further than Central Telephone in Plymouth, Minnesota. We can usher your phone system into the new era and modernize your communications with the world around you. We help businesses in the Twin Cities with cloud-based phone systems, VoIP technology, and network wiring services. We can help your company as well. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us at 763-550-2000, or you can message us at