What is the SL1100?

The SL1100 is a communications system that works with users to promote a higher production and enhanced performance. NEC, one of the leading providers in today's IT infrastructure and communications, has developed the SL1100 for small business communications to provide enhanced performance of all that use it. 

How Does it Work?

A professional service provider such as Central Telephone will install the SL1100 system in your office or home office. From there, your staff can reap the benefits: 

  •  On Demand Conferencing: teleconference with coworkers and callers on up to 16 participants.
  • Group Listening: allow groups of people to listen to your conversation.
  • Dedicated Lines: set up a dedicated line for specific areas of your business, such as the parking lot, security, the reception area and others.
  • Toll Restriction: keeps long distance numbers or other unwelcome numbers off the phone bill.
  • Day/Night Mode: up to eight modes that help restrict calls during and after work hours. Modes help direct calls to specific extensions according to necessity or required communications. 
  • Alarm/Cut-Off: limit the length of conversations in the office. This feature increases productivity and reduces cost. 
  • Door-Phone Connectivity: never miss a customer again with door-phone access that forwards to your mobile.
  • Inner Office Calling Features: program extensions to ring when the caller contacts an unmanned desk. The call will forward to another phone in the office so the call can be answered. 
  • Caller ID: this feature works from any phone within the office. 
  • Feature Management: web-based management is possible. Sign on and change, add, or edit features and services from your desk. 

This system provides stress-free communications management that any employee can learn easily and quickly. It also reduces the need for extra man-power by allowing you to manage incoming calls without a receptionist. The SL1100 is a complete business office system that allows you to concentrate on important aspects that keep your customers happy.  

Professional Service From Professional Providers

Central Telephone has specialized in installing and maintaining business phone systems since 1979, offering a variety of services and products like the SL1100. The high customer satisfaction rating speaks for the quality services Central Telephone provides.

These services are beneficial for small businesses or large corporations:

These products provide a professional environment for day to day operations and business growth: 

  • PBX Phone Systems
  • IP Phones
  • Digital Phones

Central Telephone only carries the most current and effectual products to provide a better user and customer experience. Contact Central Telephone for a consultation or to obtain the professional business services your company needs.