It is easy to get confused when you read unfamiliar terms. It is also easy to ignore them without realizing that the products or services they represent could help your business expand to the next level. Central Telephone provides products and services that can benefit your company. Find out what they are. 

Confusion Clarified

Ask yourself if your business could use any of these products or services.

  1. Phone Systems: when two or more phones are placed within a business and used to operate and benefit that business, it is a phone system. These systems can range from minimal numbers of phones for small businesses to hundreds or thousands of phones for large businesses. They feature call services such as call transfers, call metering and accounting, conference calling, private and shared voice mail boxes, and other features that benefit the company.
  2. IP Phones (also called VoIP phones): use a technology called voice over IP technology for phone calls; work by sending calls over the internet instead of using the traditional circuit-switch system used in older phones.
  3. PBX Phone Systems (also known as private branch exchange phone systems): provide private communication networks within a company. This system can be used in conjunction with a business phone system that is utilized by employees.
  4. Digital Phone Systems are systems: use a digital transmission technology instead of the traditional analog technology used in older phones, such as rotary phones.
  5. Phone Repair: although the areas that providers cover for business phone repair may vary from company to company.
  6. Phone System Repairs: as with phone repair, the provider determines the extent of service on a phone system.
  7. Phone System Maintenance: in general, a phone system maintenance plan is offered by the provider. This can require a monthly fee that is paid in addition to the monthly bill. 

Phone Repair, Phone System Repair, and Phone System Maintenance

Central Telephone provides maintenance and repair services for new and existing systems, including repairs needed upon relocation. Central Telephone will use its years of experience and knowledge to repair and replace lines and equipment that is faulty, including the servicing of ten name brand phone providers: 

  • AT&T
  • Avaya
  • Executone
  • Intertel
  • Lucent
  • Mitel
  • NEC
  • Nitsuko
  • Samsung
  • Star2Star

Contact Central Telephone for consultation and pricing on small, mid-sized, or large business phone systems.