Why You Need a Server

A server can be a program or a computer. As the name implies, a server serves other programs or computers by providing some service they cannot perform themselves. This may be due to the size of the receiving hard drive or some other design hindrance. It may also be due to the sheer vastness of the task the server has to accomplish, such as handling millions of sales for an e-commerce site simultaneously.

"Server" is a generic term used to imply an understood function in the same way we use the word "phone". While there are thousands of models and types of phones, a phone of any sort is understood to be a communications device. A server is understood to be a program or machine that provides other programs and computers with support, storage, and/or service. 

How Are Servers Used?

Servers can be used by any company, foundation, organization, or private corporation for security and reliable functionality, both in the business' phone system and for online services. Companies are able to buy servers pre-built or order them custom-made to meet specific company needs. For example, phone service providers will utilize servers in their business phone systems to provide clients with call features, call and data transfer, mailbox features, conference calls, and other functions utilized in today's office.

Business servers can be used for multiple purposes:

  • DNS server: also known as the dynamic name server, translates the IP address into the user-friendly URL.
  • File server: created for the storage and management of files.
  • Web server: provides management services for websites both in accessing and hosting them.
  • Proxy server: the "middle man" server that is used for security and traffic monitoring.
  • Dedicated server: this server is only used for operating the serving program. 

Time to Invest

It is the proxy server that will aid with telephone communications in small to large scale business phone systems, the lifeline for many businesses. PBX phone systems and other types of systems utilized in the office contain these servers to provide the best system possible. Business owners often turn to professional phone system providers such as Central Telephone, who offer a range of phone system services and equipment. These providers are trained, knowledgeable, and usually have years of experience to utilize for their current customers. These services include new installs, relocation, repairs and system upgrades, among others.

Central Telephone provides free consultations for those that feel their business is ready for a business phone system.