For some people, the holidays are an exceptionally magical time, and, in most cases, businesses will do most of their sales in these months. In other cases, it can pose a massive threat if you're worried about theft and security breaches.

From large to small businesses, enabling specific steps and taking time to plan ahead can help keep your company protected and more organized, so here are our four top business security recommendations.

1. Increase or Add Security Cameras

Anyone who owns a business knows that keeping a close watch on your property is critical. Investing in a network security camera provides high-resolution videos and streamlined data backup, and with the designs available now, hookup is simple.

They also come in four different designs for partial or full coverage of areas in your facility and different levels of resolution to reduce your risk of theft or vandalism.

2. Implement Data Protection

Chances are you're going to have thousands of pieces of private information on file, not only from your company but your customers, and with the risk of hackers and scammers, this can leave your company vulnerable. Investing in security controls that help monitor for breaches can prevent organizations from successfully using common strategies like fishing, hacking, and identity theft.

Storage options like cloud data are designed with advanced firewalls, file-level encryption, and 24/7 monitoring to keep your information safe.

3. Go Remote for Consistent Coverage

As a business owner, your priority is safety, and if you can't always be in the building, a remote monitoring system can increase security. Not only does real-time monitoring give remote access so you can visually see your company at all times, but it can also decrease the risk of compliance and safety issues to help enhance your operations.

Between Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras, monitoring software with notifications, and designated employees that can access the property if you are unable, will increase company protection and give you some peace of mind.

4. Have a Recovery Plan in Place

In a worst-case scenario, you want to know what steps must be taken to retrieve information, gather proper documentation, and have a good backup plan to recover more quickly. Going over all security measures with your employees, including cyber security, safety training, and data recovery, will help you confidently move forward through the holidays because you know how to respond if an incident occurs.

Keep Your Business Safer Through the Holidays with Central Telephone Sales and Service

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