Running a business can be one of the most rewarding experiences to earn an income, but it also comes with great responsibility. Protecting it means integrating the right security camera options to help deter crime and keep you informed if any issues arise. Whether you're considering an upgrade or implementing a new investment, our six security camera tips can help enhance the system and keep your business more secure.

Pick the Right Placement

Before making a purchase, make sure you understand all the areas needing visual coverage. Areas like loading docks, alleys, windows, doors, or other internal points like cash registers will be more vulnerable, so make sure you have a full radius so no area is off camera.

Only Choose Quality Equipment

There are many excellent options on the market, from Internet Protocol to bullet cameras; each type has different resolutions and features. Regardless of the kind you choose, always pick higher-resolution products for clearer individual images if an issue arises and high-quality equipment so you always have lasting durability and efficiency.

Upgrade Your Network

Most security networks are now available online and can be remotely accessed. The biggest downside is that they can be hacked, and outside users can gain unauthorized access to the system. Keeping up with firmware updates and using unique and strong passwords will minimize vulnerability and the risk of data loss.

Choose Reliable Data Storage

If you've ever experienced a break-in, you know how critical it is to have all the information in place for the authorities. Chances are you're going to have an enormous amount of data and footage that needs to be stored, so we always recommend choosing reliable and efficient storage solutions that can handle the level of information your cameras are going to be uploading.

You can also add external storage options, like the cloud, that can work as a backup in case of tampering, equipment failure, or theft.

Update Your Lighting

Your lighting conditions will also affect your security camera's ability to pick up on details. While some might do better in no or low-light situations, others will require extra illumination, so know the product and install any extra lighting throughout the space and near the camera so you get consistent and high-quality footage every time.

Keep Up on Equipment Maintenance

Like everything else, your security equipment will need to have a certain level of care and maintenance. Scheduling updates, routine inspections, and cleaning will help keep them in the best condition, and it's always recommended to schedule regular testing on any special functions like motion detection, tilt, and zoom for efficiency.

Expert Security Installs in Minneapolis

You could be the best manager in the world without the right security system; there's always a risk of loss. Having continual monitoring removes some of the stress, and when you need top-rated installation, Central Telephone Sales and Service has you covered. From expert security to business phone system installation and services, our team has been a trusted name in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the metro area since 1979.

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