Phone system repair is an effective short-term option when you have problems with your business's phone system. However, if repairs become frequent and increasingly costly, it may be time to consider replacing your system.

While choosing the right phone system for your business's needs is a complex problem, Central Telephone Sales and Service has the knowledge and resources to help. As your Plymouth business phone service provider, our professionals can provide the right phone system (or repair services) to keep your business moving forward.

Here are a few questions to help you determine which route is right for you.

Repair Is for a Communication System That Normally "Works"

Take a look through the office phone systems we offer, and learn a bit about their features.

Repair is likely your best option if you can honestly say your telephone system measures up. A streamlined communication system is one of the best investments any business can make in increasing employee productivity, customer opinion, and profits.

If you've never had a single issue with your communication system that wasn't quickly resolved, then our repair services are certainly for you.

Learn more about why repairs may not be the best option for your business.

Your Phone Repairs Become a Rising Business Cost

As we've mentioned, repairs are for communication systems that generally work well. During the course of everyday business, things will happen, and sometimes those are technical issues.

However, if you are spending more and more of your business's administration budget on phone repairs, they become unnecessary expenses.

While it is true that replacing your business's phone system is a significant initial expense, a replacement can save thousands of dollars in the long term.

There’s a Decrease in Call Quality & Reliability

Have you noticed that your phone's call quality is decreasing? While you may be experiencing a temporary problem, such as a local outage or system problems, this only accounts for some lack of quality.

Consider a new phone system if your call quality is declining rapidly or your customers are consistently being dropped. When you partner with Central Telephone Sales and Service, we can help you build a reliable communications system.

Communication Isn't Unified

We mention that if your business's phone system cannot support remote workers, you improve your system when you schedule a replacement.

While there may be various teams within your business, a phone system is one key element that keeps everyone in communication.

Improve Your Phone System With a Replacement

Out with the old and in with the new! If this collapse is just one in your communication system's long line of failures, it's time for replacement.

Even if you think you can't afford it, our team at Central Telephone Sales and Service will work hard to meet your needs within your budget.

After all, your communication system is essential for your business to get things done. With one that synergizes with your team, your company can fight against something that should be working with it.

You know it’s time for a replacement:

  • When you're far behind the industry standard for business communication
  • When your team must work remotely, and your infrastructure can't support it
  • When you experience anxiety before conference calls or video chats due to the potential for technological error
  • When you prepare for outages in the system before you make a single phone call
  • When your business's phone system leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks

Several reasons may arise, and let your team know they need a better phone system for the office. As a general rule of thumb, ask yourself: Is your phone system more trouble than it's worth?

If you can say yes, connect with the pros at Central Telephone Sales and Service to get the best in business communication systems!

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