Regarding business communication, keeping up with the trends is more than staying stylish—it's adapting your company to the ever-changing ways customers, employees, and fellow businesses communicate. As technology becomes more innovative at ever-increasing paces, a business risks outright obsolescence if it lags too far behind what its competitors and clients deem current!

At Central Telephone Sales and Service, our team of business phone system pros works hard to stay abreast of all the changes our industry is prone to, and we're here to share the fruits of our labor.

Below are a few must-have 2023 features for your small business phone system.

Remote Working Capabilities Are Still Top-Priority in 2023

As the pandemic continues to change the workforce, one thing isn't changing much: the employee penchant for working from home.

Technology has advanced to the point that office-only jobs can be fully remote, and with the added convenience and comfort it brings, more employees and job seekers are demanding at-home work.

To fulfill this demand, many businesses are upgrading their office phone systems to enable remote work through multi-device applications. Will your company be one of them?

1. 5G Keeps Your Business Faster

A while back on our phone system repair blog, we delved into the topic of 5G in 5G: What Your Company Needs to Know.

Check it out if you want the full scoop on the subject! But for now, know this: It's coming into its own in 2023 for quite a few reasons—the primary one being its speed.

Though the tech is still young and has yet to reach its full usage potential, 5G shows promise in providing much quicker communication speeds than its predecessors.

If such speeds become widely used, your business must compete or risk losing customers and clients out of frustration. It's certainly an emerging trend to keep an eye on.

2. Multi-Device Functionality & Flexibility

As people turn to technology, especially in a hybrid working environment, more and more devices become necessary for business.

Such flexibility can be done through what is being called super apps, which combine services and functions of multiple apps in a single place. These not only streamline your business's processes, but super apps also keep your team together and cohesive regardless of where they are working.

In addition to super apps, mini apps are available that share user information and data. These apps mean that your entire team can access whatever they need with a single sign-on.

Among 2023 business phone trends, getting your business ready for multi-device functionality is critical.

3. Size Won't Matter in the Coming Years

Often, a big reason to replace or upgrade your phone system is the expansion of your business. However, while that will always be valid, a smaller team doesn't mean you need less technology.

The professionals with Central Telephone Sales and Service are no strangers to the many benefits of cloud-based phone systems, which prove that the actual size of your phone system means nothing.

Like we talked about in our blog Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Instead of Landlines?,  cloud-based phone systems surpass the limitations of a landline. These include scalability, mobility, and potential for innovation.

Unfortunately, as your business heads into 2023, you may find yourself positively left behind technologically without a cloud-based phone system with Central Telephone Sales and Service.

Boost Your Business With Better Communication

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