VoIP Phone Systems for Schools in The Twin Cities

Education Industry

Proper education is inarguably an important influence when it comes to the success of our future generations. Of course, education cannot be provided without an administration that’s able to communicate with one another and without a school phone system that enables your staff to manage and direct calls. A school’s administrative body and teachers must be a well-oiled, quickly operating, and efficient machine whose sole purpose is to facilitate students’ learning and well-being. Faulty communication technologies have absolutely no place in this equation. What does, though, is a VoIP phone system for schools from Central Telephone of Plymouth, Minnesota.

Why Use VoIP Phone Systems for Schools?

VoIP is actually an acronym, not a word. It stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol.” Sometimes also known as “Internet Telephony,” VoIP systems are unique in that they use the Internet to make calls, as opposed to more traditional phone models, which might rely on the landline system of wiring.

VoIP has taken the business world by storm. Comparatively cheap to maintain and use, the technology can, depending on the way in which it is used, drastically cut down on an entity’s communication costs. With budgets as tight as they are these days for schools everywhere, saving money on school phone systems becomes paramount. Give your hardworking staff an extra cut of the pie with VoIP phone systems for schools—they more than deserve it. You could also put your extra money back into new books or playground equipment for your students. The possibilities are endless when you upgrade to a new school phone system!

Aside from the obvious cost-related benefits of this type of school phone system, why else might you consider choosing VoIP phone systems for schools?

  • Call flexibility | VoIP allows phones to be easily moved about from desk to desk without the need to reprogram. Having to rush to grab a phone takes precious seconds of your staff’s time—time they could spend helping a lost student or fretting parent. Give your administration the flexibility and comfort they deserve with VoIP phone systems for schools.
  • Cheap installation | Because VoIP makes such strong use of the Internet, installing them requires little additional infrastructure and is relatively cost-effective. This doesn’t mean that your school should try installing a new school phone system itself, though! There’s a reason that professionals, like ours at Central Telephone, exist, and your school’s communication system can’t afford to be down longer than it needs to be.
  • Making calls made easy | Our VoIP phone systems for schools have an easy-to-use user interface (UI) that makes accessing all the features of your school phone systems easy. No need to spend hours teaching the new staff member how to use the phone! With a VoIP school phone system from Central Telephone, managing calls is fast, intuitive, and simple.

What if I Don’t Think VoIP Is Right for My School? Are There Other Options?

As amazing and intuitive as VoIP phone systems can be, they’re not the only kind of phone system we sell. If you seek a more traditional solution, Central Telephone also offers premise-based phone systems. We even offer repair and remote maintenance for certain phone types, and we strive to be your one-stop-shop for all of your phone-related needs.

Regardless of where you are in the phone-installation process—even if you’re just considering your options—call Central Telephone now at 763-550-2000. We’ll help you find and install the perfect phone for your district, hands down.