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Business Phone System Maintenance & Repair Service in Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

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Phone System Maintenance & Repair Service

An ounce of prevention, they say, is worth a pound of cure. That's the philosophy we bring into our maintenance and repair plans. We feel it's more prudent to correct a minor issue today than put out a fire tomorrow. We also feel that if you're happy with your current phone system, you should be able to continue to use it, trouble free, for years and years. At Central Telephone Sales and Service, we specialize in both the repair and maintenance of existing phone systems, as well as sales and installation of new equipment. If you are unsure which option is best for you, we can provide the answers and the solutions as well.

What can we service?

Regardless of the age of your telephone system, we have it covered. Our expert technicians are skilled at working on just about any system used in the last 30 years. We also provide on-site training for your staff, as well as easy-to-read user guides for all of the equipment we sell. Just because your current hardware wasn’t purchased yesterday does not mean it needs to be replaced. Routine business phone maintenance can breathe life into nearly any type of hardware for years to come.

We specialize in business phone system maintenance and repairs on the following systems:

  • WIN
  • AT&T
  • NEC

Why Maintenance is Important

The answer is ‘cost’. When you purchase a new car, you maintain it to the best of your abilities. Changing the oil, getting tune-ups and maintaining tire integrity not only keeps your vehicle running smoothly, it also inhibits other problems from taking hold. If you have an older car, such maintenance becomes even more critical if you want the car to keep running properly. The cost of automotive maintenance is far less than the cost of replacing the vehicle. It’s no different with telecommunication equipment.

Regular maintenance has many benefits. Unless you are starting from scratch with a new installation, or have a definite need to replace your existing system, keeping the equipment you have in working order is a smart choice. It allows you to allocate resources to more productive endeavors as long as your existing system satisfies the needs of your business.

  • Keeping legacy hardware functioning at optimal levels saves on the expense of a complete system replacement.
  • Addressing minor repairs as they are needed will avoid substantial replacement costs.
  • Minor upgrades to software and hardware can keep the whole system in working order.
  • Maintenance involves less downtime than changing out the entire system.

Have questions about your system? Wondering if you should stay with what you have or replace it? Our staff is experienced in both legacy and cutting-edge communications technology. Give us a call today or contact us on our website to see all the options at your disposal.