Wifi Amplifier and Cellular Amplification Products in the Minnesota Area

IP & VOIP Phone Systems

Is your office plagued by poor connectivity, making it frustrating or impossible for your employees to get anything done? Does your VoIP phone system constantly drop calls, despite your regular maintenance services and top-notch installation job? If this is the case, your problem might not be in any of your communication devices themselves; rather, it could be that your internet connection might not being strong enough to effectively cover all the areas that it needs to. Instead of device repair, you’ll therefore need to invest in another route to fix the problem: that of cellular amplification or of a Wifi amplifier.

Central Telephone is privileged to provide such products to Minnesota areas. On top of our unparalleled service, we strive to provide only the best Wifi amplifiers and cellular amplification devices to our customers. We’re proud partners of Cel-Fi by Nextivity, a cutting-edge and innovative producer of Wifi amplifiers and cellular amplification devices. With our company’s customer-focused mindset and Cel-Fi’s solution-focused product line, your business’s coverage problems will soon be history.

Why Choose Central Telephone and Cel-fi For your Cellular Amplification Needs?

If your business is in need of a Wifi amplifier, you no doubt have countless brands and companies to choose from. Learning about a new industry is never easy. When you add searching for installation services in on top of that, finding and securing the right cellular amplification process for your business can seem like quite the impossible endeavor!

Worry not—Central Telephone is here to help it feel a little more possible. Our Cel-Fi systems, we believe, are some of the best in the cellular amplification industry. We work hard to make sure that, on top of the best systems, you also receive the best customer service. Put those together and your business will receive cellular amplification solution like no other.

Just how do Central Telephone and Cel-Fi products work together to facilitate this?

  • Cel-Fi offers solutions for all sorts of spaces. No matter if you only need 500 square feet of coverage or over 500,000, there’s a Cel-fi product that will work for you. Central Telephone is here to help both find the correct product for your needs and to provide the wiring solutions for your new Wifi amplifier.
  • Cel-Fi products are inherently quick to install, and Central Telephone’s technicians, with their versatile and wide-reaching skill sets, can make that process even faster. Your Wifi coverage issues will be fixed in a jiffy.
  • Cel-Fi products outshine the competition. With its amazing coverage gain and its potential for innovative use, Cel-Fi truly does outperform its competition. We, too, at Central Telephone, spare no effort in providing exceptional customer service. When you choose us for your cellular amplification needs, you’ll receive a product and service that set themselves apart from others in the industry in the best way possible.

For all your cellular amplification and Wifi amplifier needs, the choice is obvious: Central Telephone. Give our Plymouth location a call today at 763-550-2000, or contact us online to get started.