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Does That Need to Be a Video Call? How to Pick Your Meeting’s Format

Your telephone system can allow for a variety of meeting methods—video and voice, for example. What’s the right one for your upcoming consultation?

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Three Hot 2021 Business Communication Trends

Office phone systems aren’t just cradles and cords anymore. It’s 2021, and small business phone systems are marvelously modernized.

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3 Tips for Better Conference Calls

Meetings are an important part of getting things done, and when not everyone can be there in person, the conference call takes their place. Though remote communication has its difficulties, it’s crucial that your business gets it right – for the sake of your own workflow, sure, but also to create a good impression on any other companies you’re working with!

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How to Improve Communication for Your Remote Workers

If some team members are sticking to remote work after the pandemic, one worry might be at the forefront of your mind: communication. Sure, you may have learned how to make things work, but it still might be tough not to be able to hop over to your coworker’s office next door and ask a few questions.

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5G: What Your Company Needs to Know

5G—as does anything that’s denoted in two letters, it sounds mysterious, powerful, and sure, maybe a bit scary. As a small business, you work hard to stay on top of things, technology included; with this big change sweeping that field, can you maintain your communication systems and profit margins alike?

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How to Use Your Phone System to Surge Ahead of the Competition

When business is tough, it can seem as though there’s nothing more you can do to try to come out on top. You’ve supported your employees, making sure the office is sparkling and invested in your own growth, yet you’re still not where you want to be.

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How to Introduce Your Team to a New Business Telephone System

Using an office telephone system used to be fairly straightforward: dial a number, hold the hardware to your ear, and return it to its cradle when you’re done. Way back when, there even were real people accessible at the push of a button to help you make the call you needed. How times have changed!

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Features of a Great Office Phone System

A day in the office is anything but ordinary! From satisfying clients to working around the inevitable human error to creating game plans moving forward, your team tackles the toughest tasks with gusto and zeal. You thus deserve business phone systems that can help make that happen.

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Repair or Replace: What’s the Right Solution for My Business Phone System?

You probably have heard the phrase “waste not, want not.” It’s a cliche for a reason! As a money-savvy small business, you’ve adopted that philosophy by making the most of what you have. However, you’ve probably heard that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This, too, holds true; in many cases, there is a limit to what can be done with current resources, and if your business doesn’t surpass those limits by investing in new infrastructure, you’re destined for stagnation.

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How to Upgrade Your Communications System on a Budget

Money’s tight these days. We get it. With the ongoing pandemic and a competitive marketplace in existence in the first place, it’s hard for businesses everywhere to stay afloat. Of course, as a business, you want to do what you can to get ahead of the competition—hence your desire to upgrade your communication systems—but that costs money too, and you might be worried about how your monthly budget could put up with the strain.

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