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How to Introduce Your Team to a New Business Telephone System

Telephone systems are increasingly complex, but training from Central Telephone can make the change to a new business telephone system simple. With our tips on how to introduce your team to a new system, your company will have the hang of it in no time!

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3 Hot Business Communication Trends for 2023

When it comes to business communication, keeping up with the trends is more than staying stylish—it’s adapting your company to the ever-changing ways that customers, employees, and fellow businesses communicate. As technology becomes more innovative at ever-increasing paces, a business risks outright obsolescence if it lags too far behind what its competitors and clients deem as current!

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What Central Telephone Sales & Service's Remote Maintenance Can Do for You

Remote maintenance for business phone systems ensures your tech is always ready for the workday—but that’s not where its benefits end.

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Three Communication Innovations That Increase Worker Productivity

But a high productivity level can’t be expected out of employees if they don’t have the right communication tools to make it happen. The swift and accurate transfer of information, as well as that information’s accessibility, play a key role in creating an efficient, speedy workforce. Below, Central Telephone Sales and Service, Plymouth providers of telephone systems and communication solutions, details our top picks for productivity-boosting tech.

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Five Tips for Better Conference Calls

Meetings are an important part of getting things done, and some attendees can’t be there in person, the conference call takes their place. Though remote communication has its difficulties, it’s crucial that your business gets it right – for the sake of your own workflow, sure, but also to create a good impression on any other companies you’re working with.

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How to Use Technology to Improve Your Call Center

No matter what field your business is in, its call center serves as a critical liaison between your company and your customers. Especially if you don’t have face-to-face contact with the end users of your products, this is the one shot your brand has to make a positive impression on clientele. Smart businesses know this, and they constantly strive to better their communication technology to ensure smooth workflow and happy, connected customers.

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Does That Need to Be a Video Call? How to Pick Your Meeting’s Format

We’ve all been through it: a meeting that really could have been a phone call, a phone call that really could have been an email, a chain of emails that could have been rendered obsolete by simply walking across the office for five seconds of clarification. Not only does such inefficient workplace exchange waste time in many cases, but it also frustrates employees, who want nothing more than to get stuff done but find themselves mired down in a communication system that doesn’t work for them.

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How to Improve Communication for Your Remote Workers

If some team members are sticking to remote work after the pandemic, one worry might be at the forefront of your mind: communication. Sure, you may have learned how to make things work, but it still might be tough not to be able to hop over to your coworker’s office next door and ask a few questions.

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5G: What Your Company Needs to Know

5G—as does anything that’s denoted in two letters, it sounds mysterious, powerful, and sure, maybe a bit scary. As a small business, you work hard to stay on top of things, technology included; with this big change sweeping that field, can you maintain your communication systems and profit margins alike?

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How to Use Your Phone System to Surge Ahead of the Competition

When business is tough, it can seem as though there’s nothing more you can do to try to come out on top. You’ve supported your employees, making sure the office is sparkling and invested in your own growth, yet you’re still not where you want to be.

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