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How to Help New Workers Learn Your Communication System

If you’ve just brought on a new hire, you no doubt want to give them all the resources they need to succeed. Starting a new job is intimidating; We’ve all been there! For the sake of your newbie and your company, making the transition as seamless as possible is paramount.

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Bridging the Communication Gap between Young and Old Employees

A small business staffed by diverse age groups definitely sets itself above its peers. With the zest and enthusiasm of the youth combined with the steadiness and experience of their elders, work can get done faster and better, and multiple generations working together can come up with unique ideas neither could on their own. At the end of the day, diversity is good for business.

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VoIP Home Wiring: Tips & Tricks

Many individuals have made the switch to VoIP for their home phone connections to meet the needs of their family or at home business. However, this can only be done if the wiring from your street or telecom are disconnected beforehand. So before we move forward, it's important understand that if you're not 100% sure as to how to properly install or identify the listed parts and equipment equipment below, skip to the bottom for further assistance.

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Prolonging Your Phone System's Life

Nobody likes a broken phone system. Whether you’re managing an office network or a home phone system, you want a constant quick connection. To maintain constant connectivity, however, it is recommended that you conduct routine maintenance. Even if you’re working with business phone systems, there’re a few things you can do to prolong your purchase’s life.

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