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How Cloud-Based Phone Systems Will Play a Role in Future IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) grows larger every day. How we connect our devices to the internet builds the IoT. The use of cloud-based telephone systems is more and more prevalent in both business and residential applications. Central Telephone shares how cloud-based phone systems will play a role in the future of IoT technology.

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Helpful Small Business Phone System Features

Small business phone systems are constantly being upgraded with new features and new functionalities. Staying ahead of the curve is a skill industry professionals, like those at Central Telephone, have mastered, but it’s a skill that can be very hard to master for the small business owner looking into getting a new cloud-based phone system. There are so many models and brands; how are you to make the right decision?

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How to Introduce Your Team to a New Business Telephone System

Telephone systems are increasingly complex, but training from Central Telephone can make the change to a new business telephone system simple. With our tips on how to introduce your team to a new system, your company will have the hang of it in no time!

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3 Hot Business Communication Trends for 2023

When it comes to business communication, keeping up with the trends is more than staying stylish—it’s adapting your company to the ever-changing ways that customers, employees, and fellow businesses communicate. As technology becomes more innovative at ever-increasing paces, a business risks outright obsolescence if it lags too far behind what its competitors and clients deem as current!

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What Are Premise-Based (PBX) Phone Systems?

Premise-based phone systems (or PBX systems) are simplified systems that give property owners more control over their communication configuration and options. The entire network is on the premises including all the equipment necessary to manage a switchboard.

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Is Fiber Optic Cable All Hype or Is It Worth the Investment?

Although copper has set the standard for mass communication in the corporate setting, fiber optic cable is replacing it with each new building construction or upgrade nationwide. Although fiber optic is a bit more expensive than copper, it has several distinct advantages that make it a better product. Whether you’re launching a startup or looking to expand a well-established company, below, we explore some reasons why fiber optic cable is your best choice for wiring your communication network.

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How to Pick the Best Phone System for Your Needs

When you’ve made the decision to update your phone system, the true work begins. Not only must you find a helpful small business phone installation service, but you also must decide what kind of phones to get in the first place. And with all the options on the market today, this can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. What is a small business or startup owner, who is strapped for time in the first place, to do?

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Keeping Young Customers Engaged over the Phone

No matter if you use a cloud-based phone system or another type of small business phone system, your business must know how to appeal to today’s youth.

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Training Young Employees to Answer the Phone

For many people who have been in the workforce for a while, answering telephone calls wasn’t a skill that needed to be learned on the job. After all, older individuals didn’t grow up with instant messaging for communication; if they wanted to talk to their friends, calling on the telephone was the only option!

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How Your Company Benefits From Low Voltage Cabling

Commercial buildings contain complex wiring systems. Network data, telephone, Wi-Fi access, computer networks, and multimedia systems utilize an extensive and complicated cable layout that is separate from the electrical wiring. Many companies hire in-house IT staff that can manage the entire cable network and ensure that it does not fail.

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