Interconnectivity—it seems like a vague buzzword that ultimately represents a passing fad in the way businesses operate, or one of those words you’d see on an inspirational poster in the breakroom. However, in the technology-saturated modern world, this concept seems to be sticking around and becoming a permanent part of how all businesses, big and small, boost their productivity and maintain their employees.

Just what is interconnectivity, and how do new communication technologies, such as cloud-based small business phone systems, facilitate it? Central Telephone Sales & Service, a cloud-based installation company, explains below.

Interconnectivity Defined

As technology becomes more mobile and commonplace, so do remote and mobile jobs. Workers can now access all sorts of files via the internet and take calls anywhere via their business phone systems. No matter where the employee goes, they can get things done; One’s work is never more than a click or a swipe away. This increased productivity by way of modern technology’s synergizing is called interconnectivity.

Why Does Interconnectivity Matter?

Modern life moves quickly; your business must do the same to keep up with the increasingly impatient demands of the modern customer. A high-tech telephone system is a great way to do this, as it enables your employees to take business calls from their cell phones. This, of course, enables faster and more efficient customer service, which in turn allows for higher profit margins.

Aside from being able to take calls from anywhere, boosting interconnectivity can yield the following benefits:

More Relaxed Workers

If you run a business in which your workers are frequently out on call, boosted interconnectivity can help these workers maximize their time on the clock. Now there’s no need for them to rush back to the office to check if that important client has called back!

Take Advantage of the Working-From-Home Trend

If you have workers who hold multiple jobs, or who have kids, interconnectivity via a business communication platform can enable them to participate fully in all aspects of their lives that don’t involve work.

Increased Hiring Capabilities

 If that perfect job candidate just lives too far away to commute daily, a telephone system that prioritizes interconnectivity can help make some portion of the job possible. Interconnectivity can help your business hire and keep the perfect employee for any role.

What Does Interconnectivity Mean for Industries as Wholes?

Of course, if you embrace interconnectivity as a business concept, you’ll reap all the benefits we just listed above. But given that more and more companies across a variety of fields are doing the same, what might this mean for the future of communication and how we do business?

Each field is an individual, of course, and interconnectivity is making its mark in each of them in different ways. In many respects, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to make blanket predictions. Business Today theorizes in an article about interconnectivity, though, that “For the most part, those who ignore new, productivity-boosting technologies will fall behind. They will lose market share as they see competitors benefit.”

What this means for you: if your industry as a whole begins to adopt these practices, investing in interconnectivity-boosting tech isn’t just something that benefits you—it’s a requirement if you want to remain relevant. When you aren’t taking advantage of what interconnectivity can do for you, you’ll lose the spotlight to more modernized companies that have a competitive edge.

How Can I Bring Interconnectivity Into my Workplace?

As with any communication technology or practice: you’ve got options. Business communication platforms like NEC Univerge Blue, for instance, can bring all of your business’s communication needs into one seamless program. We discuss this platform in more detail in our blog.

If you put interconnectivity into play using cellular service in any way, consider looking into cellular amplification. While your specific building may not need it if dead spots and dropped calls aren’t issues, many businesses located deep in the urban jungle and surrounded by concrete can benefit.

You also don’t need to completely take to the cloud in order to embrace interconnectivity, though cloud-based tech is the most frequently-used type in this context. On-premise phone systems also can pull their own weight in taking advantage of this new trend; just ask your installation company about it.

Need Business Phone Installation? Central Telephone Sales & Service Has you Covered

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