Your small business is moving! What an exciting time. There are desks to clean up, paperwork to pack up, so much to put in order… but have you even thought about your small business phone system? It probably has been the last thing on your to-do list. You’re probably busy briefing your employees, not to mention tracking down the various companies that facilitate a move and going over your numbers.


But your small business phone system should never be your last priority. It’s such a crucial part of how you run things that, if you don’t properly move locations, it can spell catastrophe for both employee morale and your profits.


That’s why Central Telephone offers professional relocation services for your small business phone system. Read on to discover how business phone installation and relocation services can save your small business from disaster.

Relocation Services Get it Done Right the First Time

When you unplug and reroute your entire phone system on your own, you’re tampering in an area in which you have only a layperson’s understanding. This means you can set yourself up for technical failure down the line, which would warrant an expensive repair service and stress on your end.


Not to mention that installing these things on your own, as a layperson, is so headache-inducing that it’s almost impossible. Which wire goes where again? How do you even get all the phones connected? It’s bound to take you a while, which means lost productivity on your business’s end and heaps of stress on yours.


Get it done right the first time with the professionals at Central Telephone. You’ll be able to launch right back into work as normal, without the hassle and lost profits that come with a downed telephone service.

Relocation Services Support Your Staff Through the Move

On top of the general stress that comes with changing workspaces, learning new technology can be a huge struggle for your staff. When you relocate with Central Telephone, however, this is never the case. We help train your staff should you choose to purchase new technology to go along with the move, making sure your workers stay as happy as they can during this stressful time.

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