At this point, the DIY trend has taken over the internet. Video-hosting sites are overrun with instructional bits on how to do anything from starting a campfire to installing a washing machine.


On the surface, this trend may seem like a good thing—and on some levels, it is. What’s better for the soul than expanding one’s skill set and heighting one’s confidence? That said, the DIY trend can also land people in hot water, especially when it comes to technologies such as cloud-based phone systems. The lack of much external hardware tricks people into thinking these systems are simple, and if there exist instructional videos, anybody can figure out cloud-based installation, right?


Not quite. Central Telephone explains below why you should always hire a professional for this task.

Small Business Phone Systems are a Necessity

You’d never install your home’s heating system yourself, right? How about your stove? Your fridge? You couldn’t live without these things, so you’d always call in a plumber or electrician to make sure these systems work as reliably as they can for as long as they can.


Why is your small business phone system any different?


Your business needs to communicate both internally and externally to make a profit—to put food on the table for both your employees and yourself as the owner. Without a properly functioning small business phone system, day-to-day administrative tasks become impossible and all money-making activities would cease. Trying to jerry-rig a cloud-based phone system together on your own might be cheaper now, but it will lead to expensive repairs in the long run. You should always contact a professional for business phone installation.

DIY Business Phone Installation Costs Money

Have you ever heard the adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch?” In the business world, this quote is used to describe the fact that nothing is free, even if it appears to be. Yes, this includes DIY tasks. These cost an investment of time—and time is money for your small business. Indirectly, then, paying for professional installation is a smart financial move, as first-time DIY phone installers aren’t nearly as efficient.

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