At this point, the DIY trend has taken over the internet. Video-hosting sites are overrun with instructional bits on how to do anything from starting a campfire to installing a washing machine. 

On the surface, this trend may seem like a good thing, and on some levels, it is. What’s better for the soul than expanding one’s skill set and heightening one’s confidence? 

That said, the DIY trend can also land people in hot water, especially when it comes to technologies such as cloud-based phone systems

The lack of much external hardware tricks people into thinking these systems are simple, and if there exist instructional videos, anybody can figure out cloud-based installation, right?

Not quite! Central Telephone Sales and Service explains why you should always hire a professional for this task. 

Small Business Phone Systems Are a Necessity

You’d never install your home’s heating system yourself, right? How about your stove? Your fridge? 

You couldn’t live without these things, so you’d always call in a plumber or electrician to ensure these systems work as reliably as they can for as long as possible. 

Why is your small business phone system any different? 

Your business needs to communicate internally and externally to make a profit – to put food on the table for your employees and yourself as the owner. Without a properly functioning small business phone system, day-to-day administrative tasks become impossible, and all money-making activities would cease. 

Trying to jerry-rig a cloud-based phone system together on your own might be cheaper now, but it will lead to expensive repairs in the long run. You should always contact a professional for business phone installation.

DIY Business Phone Installation Costs Money

Have you ever heard the adage “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

In the business world, this quote is used to describe the fact that nothing is free, even if it appears to be. Yes, this includes DIY tasks. These cost an investment of time, and time is money for your small business. 

Indirectly, paying for professional installation is a smart financial move, as first-time DIY phone installers aren’t nearly as efficient.

Less Stress for You

Trying to wrangle tech you’re not yet familiar with can be a real hassle. Skip the stress and hire Central Telephone. Our talented technicians will get the installation done in a snap, letting you save your energy for other important tasks.

More Time on Your Hands

Face it: Working through the Coronavirus has been tough. You and your business need as much time as you can get in order to devise ways to stay on top of your competition. Don’t waste time trying to install unfamiliar tech; call Central Telephone and get back to the drawing board with your team.

A Seamless Communication Solution

Sure, you might get lucky and install a working phone system—but does that telephone system synergize with your team? Service from Central Telephone ensures you end up with a setup that makes day-to-day operations so much more efficient and reduces the learning curve.

What Sets Central Telephone Sales and Service Apart?

In an age when more and more machines are becoming both innovative and wireless, we admit that sometimes, it may be hard to see why you might need to go through the hassle of professional help. We’ve been through the industry and served Minneapolis, the Metro area, and St. Paul with unbeatable solutions since 1979

A lot of our success can be derived from our great resource dedication. At Central Telephone Sales and Service, our sales, maintenance, and delivery of Business Telephone Equipment and Systems are our biggest boon.

Your experience will be as hassle-free as it can be. With our extensive expertise and customer-focused attitude, you’ll feel like you’re being waited on hand and foot.

But the luxury treatment isn’t the only reason you should hire us. Working with the pros for telephone system installation means:

Decades of Expertise

The above philosophy tells of our industry guidance, innovation, and choices. We’ve remained an industry leader for many years and intend to keep offering cutting-edge technology via fast, reliable services.

Throughout the decades, we’ve generated an “always up” business-standard. In today’s business culture, approaches demand a tight adherence to culture. For this reason, we’re constantly designing, maintaining, and installing telephone systems.

We specialize in a wide array of different telephone solutions and always outfit customized solutions for Unified Communications. Every system guarantees constant uptime, and each is matched with Central Telephone’s 24/7 support team. Whether you need cloud coverage, on-premises support, or a VoIP system, our years of practice can help.

Always Prepared with On-Site Inventory

Too many industry providers make service a long-haul endeavor. Central Telephone Sales and Service takes a different approach, offering on-site upgrades, repairs, installations, and removals. Our immediate-access parts inventory and an adaptable cable infrastructure grant us full access to data and voice networks. 

Central Telephone Sales and Service, one of the industry’s leading “speed providers,” ensures constant connectivity. We’re fast, but we’re also reliable—and we want our customers to know it.

Persistent Services

Central Telephone Sales and Service similarly shines in its ongoing customer support. Understandably, telecom services require year-to-year coverage for information security. We've been fortunate enough to exist in the industry for an unrivaled amount of time, so our longevity isn’t surprising. We take care of our customers and are always available to focus on each customer’s business as a whole.

We believe businesses deserve constant attention, and Central Telephone Sales and Service, certified through the Minnesota State Board of Electricity, intends to surpass all expectations. We’re fully insured, bonded, and supported by the industry’s top-tier providers and capable of serving both government and private sectors. 

Need Business Phone Installation Near the Twin Cities?

Make the smart choice and call the business phone installation professionals at Central Telephone Sales and Service in Plymouth, Minnesota. To learn more about our products or schedule service, please call us at 763-550-2000 or message us online today!