As your small business strives to keep up with our rapidly-changing times, so too should your small business phone system. Think about it; the way your business communicates is directly reflective of the way it functions. Efficient, state-of-the-art phone systems allow for efficient, state-of-the-art service; they also lend your business a similar air that customers will remember positively.


We at Central Telephone believe that small businesses, before they make the decision to upgrade, should have as much information on business phone installation as possible. It’s for this reason that, below, we discuss one of the most modern and popular small-business communication methods: cloud-based phone systems.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Defined

More traditional phone systems use phone wires or cellular networks to make communication possible. A cloud-based phone system, in contrast, uses external software and the internet to facilitate communication over audio. Cloud-based phone systems can go by many names—business VoIP (voice over internet protocol), cloud PBX, and virtual PBX, to name a few. Some cloud-based phone systems also enable calls to be sent directly to a smartphone, effectively centralizing communication and making it easy to get ahold of your employees no matter where they are.

Why Use a Cloud Base Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system allows calls to be easily passed around within the business itself (usually with the pressing of only a few buttons). This feature also is applicable to smartphones;   because calls can be forwarded directly to the person which they concern, your customers will never again have to wait to hear back from a particular employee if he or she is out of the office.


Cloud-based phone systems are also scalable. Because everything is done over the internet, there is comparatively little hardware that needs to be ripped up or installed should your lines need downsizing or expansion.


Finally, cloud-based phone systems are relatively economical to maintain. The lack of infrastructure (besides your employees’ laptops, phones, and the like) means that it’s almost impossible that something will go mechanically wrong. And if something does, remote repair services such as those provided by Central Telephone can quickly fix the problem.

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